Thursday, November 1, 2007

What is the Photocross? Creative photo for short time!

Photocross is a photo competition, the noncommercial project-game, based on how you can well terrain orientation in city and on how many quickly finds necessary objects for shooting.
Photoсross includes such concept as speed, creativity, technology photos, healthy lifestyle, dialogue on interests.
For some time, participants fotokrossa must do some photos for a predetermined topics, for example:: "Traces", " New tradition ", "Window in the world ", " On a wire " and so on, the topic is usually very original. To move on city it is possible on everything: on foot, in the car, on a bicycle, on rollers or public transport.
All interested persons can take part in competitions - enough have any camera (digital or film) and to pass simple registration. You can take part as one and as a team.
Participation in Photocross - process very dynamical and intresting, and it is not boring anyone.. Participants of Photocross find a new sight at beloved city. Photocross is a mirror of City. Asphalt, concrete and people. The modern rhythm of a life of city does not give time for rest. But to have a rest on the present, the test, is necessary new novel sensation. Simple method – Photocross.
Charm of novelty of photocross - a lot of interesting, creative and original photos.

Format of action

Wide open action aimed at:

  • the increase in interest in photography and creative;
  • development of creative abilities of participants;
  • The organization of active intellectual rest
  • popularization and development of a new kind of competitions.

What is required?

  • More ideas.
  • Excellent mood.
  • A cheerful and creative team
  • Unbanality of thought.
Are you looking for beautiful moments? Do not want to miss the central? Photocross - life as it is, with its dynamics and beauty! Be always at the center of events, always up-to-date information and new photographs! Do not pass on the Sign-RSS!

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