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Lifestyle Coaching! Be healthy always!

The quality of our life depends greatly on our attitude and discipline in life. Hence, be it by choice or by circumstances your health and your future, therefore is the result of your lifestyle and your attitude in life. Our life coach provides prearranged and wide-ranging training programs suitable for people belonging to different walks of life. Your posture, the way you stand or your style of walking shows your confidence and you may feel purposeful. A balanced lifestyle makes you feel motivated and fulfilled. It inculcates inner happiness. The positive energy within you will get charged up and you will get an urge to work or do things at your fancy and will. Healthy eating and regular exercise is an essential part of adult lifestyle and the positive effect of such lifestyle coaching will surely make you a healthier person. So it's time that you start taking care of your health, body and mind.

Making positive lifestyle preferences especially choosing to be more vigorous and eating healthy will not only increase your prolonged existence, develop your quality of life but also help you to maintain your physical and mental health. Science has established the fact that human beings, though prone to diseases can look and feel healthier and can reduce the risk of chronic and age related diseases by exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet. Your undisciplined lifestyle and improper diet will increase the risk of developing diseases with time. Positive lifestyle training can perk up your health, and avert the inception of age related diseases.

The effects of positive lifestyle coaching on health cannot be enough stressed upon. The benefits gained from a disciplined lifestyle may include effects like relief from stress, increase in resistance power, improvements in health and a sense of well being reduces risk of coronary and lung diseases and better coping skills to obstacles and hardships. Once you appreciate and put into practice the safe and helpful exercise regime and consumption habits, you will start achieving great outcome, the stimulation and joy you feel will make your lifestyle changes well worth the effort.

Some Reasons to join the Swinger Lifestyle! Good choose!

If you are a fun-loving couple, then join the swinger lifestyle group and enjoy several sexual activities with other swinger couples.

Are you an outgoing and adventurous couple? If yes, then the swinger lifestyle is the place for you. Hence, you can join the group with an experimental outlook towards your sexual desires and willingness to explore camping, hiking etc. Nowadays, you find swinging singles and couples who indulge into sexual activities with the mutually consenting individuals.

Any individual can become a part of the swinger community. He/she can venture into the lifestyle without any discrimination over cast, creed, color or religion. These people are everyday individuals who visualize their sexual fantasies with a completely different perspective. These people believe that swinger activities are a mode of recreational play. Hence, several upper and middle class couples explore their sexual desires by joining the swinger community.

However, there are several reasons that can compel you to join the swinger lifestyle.

Firstly, you can fulfill your sexual wants with other like-minded individuals.

You can also explore your sexuality at this liberal environment.

The swingers' community gives you the opportunity to make several friends who can share your viewpoint.

It gives you the opportunity to explore your bisexual desires.

It brings closeness and trust in marital relationships.

It changes the mindset of several couples, who accept sex as a mode to boost their egos. Hence, these couples learn the importance of a sexually satisfying personal relationship.

The lifestyle also helps you accept all people despite their shape, color, age and sizes.

Moreover, you can also enjoy pleasures of nudism, since you can shed your clothes in front of your swinger friends and indulge into erotic adult fun.

Hence, the above reasons are enough to develop your fascination towards this adventurous lifestyle. However, you and your partner must be comfortable with the environment and culture at the swinger club or community.

So, join the group of adventuress and explore with your sexual abilities.

You want Lower Your Blood Pressure? Change Your Lifestyle!

High blood pressure or what is medically known as hypertension affect millions of Americans. In fact, about 80 million people in the US have high blood pressure and what is more terrifying is the fact that some of these people are not even aware that they have high blood pressures. This is why hypertension has become known as the silent killer because unless you have your blood pressures checked regularly, you have no way of knowing that you already have it until it is already much too high up the scale.

High blood pressure will often manifests itself through headaches, dizziness and nose bleeds. Some people will also feel pain at the back of their necks when they wake up in the morning. Hypertension is not really life-threatening per se as it is not a disease. The level of blood pressure, however, is a risk factor to heart disease and will increase one’s predisposition to heart attacks. This is especially true with people who are over 35 years old and those who are much much older.

Because it is a condition and not a disease, people can do a lot to prevent hypertension from settling in. Most doctors recommend a change in the diet and a major lifestyle change.

Diet is perhaps the primary lifestyle change that people should look into when dealing with high blood pressure. Excessive eating of fatty foods that cannot be easily digested can cause a lot of problems. Obese individuals are also more likely to develop hypertension not only because of the fat content in their bodies but also the constriction that these fats produce in the body. This constriction can affect blood circulation and heart function, which may lead to a full-blown heart attack.

Another advice that doctors give to individuals concerned with their blood pressure is to have regular exercise regimen that would help lower their blood pressure. Activities such as running and jogging, cycling and swimming as well as other sports can decrease blood pressure. Doctors recommend that people exercise and do these sports activities for about 30 to 45 minutes a day and they will find their blood pressures significantly lowered.

Alcohol, for instance, increase the prevalence of hypertension when it is taken in excess. The term excess here will refer to over two drinks per day. Studies have actually shown a direct relationship between these two factors when the drinking exceeds five glasses each day. A drink here refers to a can of beer, a glass of wine or a jigger of liquor. There are people however who have low tolerance with alcohol. It is best to stop drinking if you find your blood pressure going up or if you feel nauseous already.

Smoking is also one of the things that a person should avoid when trying to either lower blood pressure or to prevent it from going up. Besides the complications that it poses to the lungs and the vascular system, smoking also increases the risk for heart disease. This is because the nicotine in cigarettes and tobaccos can constrict one’s blood vessels, causing the heart to beat faster.

Elderly people are also asked to avoid excessive coffee drinking. In a study conducted, it was found that five cups of coffee per day can mildly increase the blood pressure. The combination of coffee drinking with smoking increases the risk all the more.

Problems of Lifestyle Lift Procedure

As we age our facial skin tends to sag and wrinkle. Many people, especially women, choose to have cosmetic surgery to deter the signs of aging. These surgeries run the gamut from relatively simple eyelid lifts to full facelifts, with many procedures in between. One technique, Lifestyle Lift™, is widely advertised and apparently popular, but there are several reported problems with it.

Full Facelift Technique

By definition, a full facelift involves making incisions in front of and behind the ears, removing skin and fat tissue, moving and/or replacing fat tissue where needed, and suturing the incisions. It is almost always done under full anesthesia, and recovery time may be as long as six weeks. This procedure, when done for cosmetic purposes, is generally not covered by health insurance and can be quite costly, with the cost varying by state and doctor.

Mini Facelift Technique

The mini facelift procedure has reportedly been around since the early 1900s. According to New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Kamran Jafri, it is a somewhat less invasive technique in which the incisions are not as long or deep and no skin is removed. Another plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Schwartz, advises that mini facelifts have very limited results.

Lifestyle Lift™ Technique

The Lifestyle Lift™ procedure is sometimes generically grouped with mini facelifts, but, according to Dr. Jafri, differs in that it uses the longer incision usually associated with a full facelift. Lifestyle Lift™ claims that the procedure takes only one hour in most cases, that it can be done under local anesthesia, and that there is a very short recovery time, varying to some degree upon the patient. There are other trade names for slight variations of this procedure such as Lunchtime Lift™ and Quicklift™.


Reports of problems with this company and its procedure abound. Some clients complain about high-pressure sales tactics and about not getting enough information prior to their surgery. Others say that the technique is not pain-free, as claimed, and that the numbing shots are very uncomfortable. Most of the complaints come from people whose procedure took longer than expected, whose recovery was slower than expected and who saw little improvement in their appearance, even after recovery time. In addition, Dr. Robert M. Freund warns that the results do not last.

Positive Comments

Lifestyle Lift™ is popular; the business is booming, due apparently to advertising and word-of-mouth. Even so, it is difficult to find positive reviews of the technique that are not directly solicited by Lifestyle Lift™. In fact, a 2009 lawsuit found many supposedly unsolicited testimonials to be fraudulent. Regardless, there must be satisfied customers or the popularity of Lifestyle Lift™ would not keep growing.

Expert Insight

Both Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Freund, along with other plastic surgery specialists, warn against temporary or partial facelift procedures. The general attitude from the plastic surgeons is that if you need a facelift, get a facelift that mini procedures provide only partial solutions, if any, and that the same problems will recur within a short time, making your time, money and pain ill-spent.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How Is Lifestyle Lift Done?

Jowls, sagging skin and wrinkles can all work together to make one feel older than our years. Or at least older than what we feel. A Lifestyle Lift is a minor face-lift that works to correct the sagging and jowling, in less time than a traditional face-lift and using only local anesthetic. Please be aware that a "Lifestyle Lift" is a trademarked type of surgical procedure, but it can be done as a "mini-face-lift" by most cosmetic surgeons.

An S-Lift is a face-lift where the skin only is lifted. The cost of Lifestyle Lift is a SMAS (sub or superficial muscular and aponeurtoic system). This means that the muscle and connective tissue are involved, helping to eliminate frown and smile lines because it is lifting the tissue that you use to make facial movements. First an S-shaped incision is made in front of and below each ear. Once these cuts are made, the skin is actually gathered and pulled to create smoothness. Excess skin is trimmed off and many times Lipo is used to reduce fat from under the chin. Then two sutures are made, one at each ear, that hold this new framework for the face in place.

Because this type of surgery takes about an hour and uses general anesthetic, the recovery time is much faster than a traditional face-lift. But it is no lunch hour procedure. It is quite a lot of surgery, involving cutting and bruising and you do need to rest for at least 48 hours before doing anything more strenuous than watching TV and getting yourself something to eat. And the results? You have to do your research to see photos and hear stories, but overall women and men seem to be very pleased with the procedure. And a look of natural beauty and of freshness can make you feel younger, so that you may project a younger appearance.

Types of Lifestyle Lift: What to choose?

Anti-Aging Procedure

A Lifestyle Lift is a registered trademark for a surgical facial-firming method that has been available since 2001. According to, its cosmetic procedure will help minimize the signs of aging. Lifestyle Lift is described by as a mini-facelift that is an alternative to more invasive facelift surgeries that require several months of recovery.

Mini Facelift

There are two primary kinds of mini facelifts according to Plastic One is referred to as an anterior lift. It works best on patients who want to lift sagging skin in their lower face. The second kind of mini facelift is referred to as a posterior mini lift. This type of surgery concentrates on the neck and jowl area.

During a mini facelift, your doctor carefully pulls up facial skin from the underlying tissue, one side at a time, taking out a thin, S-shaped section of skin from the treatment area. In some cases, the surgeon performs liposuction to eliminate any excess fat.

In contrast, a full facelift, according to the Mayo Clinic, involves a surgical incision that begins in the scalp area on top of the ears and continues down the side of the face, under the earlobes and ends in the back of the ears.

Lifestyle Lift

Lifestyle lift is a relatively short surgical procedure, which takes approximately one hour. The patient sits in a reclining chair while soothing music plays.

According to, its surgical approach to facial rejuvenation involves tightening muscles, removing jowls, wrinkles and excess fat. Although the Lifestyle Lift website doesn't provide detailed information about how its procedure is performed, a general description published by Lifestyle Lift is similar to the S-shape mini lift.

Lifestyle Lift says your doctor will insert permanent sutures to hold fundamental muscles in place to make certain that the tightening effects will remain intact for several years.

Lifestyle Lift says the doctors who perform this procedure are from highly credible institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Harvard and Stanford University.


According to Plastic, mini facelifts may cause temporary discomfort, bruising, and numbness. Lifestyle says most people are able to resume their normal activities in about a week.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lifestyle Lift vs. Traditional Facelift: Which is better?

The Lifestyle Lift is a revolutionary alternative to the traditional facelift that often requires an extensive recovery. The procedure is said to be a more safe approach to cosmetic surgery and much less expensive. The Lifestyle Lift is designed to restore the neck, as well as the jaw line, revealing a much younger appearance. Many individuals feel as though the first true signs of aging show up in the neck area, a place that seems so irreversible. With this ground-breaking procedure, the results are clear in as little as one hour, as this is all it takes for the process to be complete. Even though many individuals have had positive results, there are also patients who have been completely unsatisfied.

The Lifestyle Lift was created by Dr. David M. Kent, in the year 2001. His goal in creating this procedure was to design an alternative to the old fashion facelift, producing a more simple way to give someone a younger appearance.
The Lifestyle Lift is Performed by Experienced Board-Certified Doctors

Even though the procedure is quite minimal, it is only performed by doctors who have an extensive background in facial or general plastic surgeries. These doctors who were specifically trained to perform the Lifestyle Lift are now mostly exclusive to performing this one procedure. What started as just one doctor has now accumulated to more than 80 doctors all across the United States focused on performing the Lifestyle Lift procedure. They have surely kept busy as they have gained over 100,000 clients nationwide.

The Lifestyle Lift vs. the Traditional Facelift

This procedure is much less harsh than the traditional facelift. First off, the procedure is often performed in an office, under local anesthesia, rather than general or intravenous anesthesia. This means patients are never completely put to sleep. It takes much less time versus any other alternative surgeries. The one drastic difference is the cost, as the Lifestyle lift averages about $5,000, where a traditional facelift can cost around $15,000.

Doctors begin with an incision along the patient’s temple around the hairline, which will carry on all the way around to the front of the ear. There are two circular sutures put in to tighten up the loose muscles. The extra skin is then removed.

The Procedure has Changed Many Lives

This innovative lifestyle lift procedure has changed many lives and has given men and women the confidence of feeling and looking many years younger. Best of all, compared to any other drastic facelift, the Lifestyle Lift saves patients time and money.

The Lifestyle Lift is designed to target these specific areas:
Define the jaw line
Tighten skin on both face and neck
Tighten droopy muscles
Reduce wrinkles and frown lines
The Lifestyle Lift Takes Approximately One Hour

The process takes place under local anesthesia and is often complete in just one hour. The procedure is said to have patients back to their regular daily schedule in as little as one week. As every case is different, some patients may need extra time to heal.
Some Patients are Unhappy with the Results of the Lifestyle Lift

Even though many patients claim the surgery has changed their life for the better, there are also many patients who have stated the opposite. The most common complaints are being unhappy with the results. Some individuals have complained about the fact that their face looks no better than before. There are also patients who have claimed the recovery time was longer than what is advertised.

With every procedure there are always going to be pros and cons. It is often best for individuals to search out as many recourses as possible in order to find out whether a surgery would be beneficial to them, or not. While the Lifestyle Lift has changed many lives for the better, some patients haven’t been so lucky.

What You Need to Know About Lifestyle Lift Procedure

What is a lifestyle lift face lift? Well, it is simply a mini-face lift procedure that is being advertised by its developers as a one-hour plastic surgery procedure that delivers dramatic positive results. But is it really all that it claims to be? Read on to find out.

The truth, according to cosmetic surgery experts, is that lifestyle lift face lift does not really provide an effective solution to the three major signs of aging: sagging skin in the jaw line, neckline and the jowls. And because these are the primary concerns that those who undergo face lifts seek to address, it is safe to assume that lifestyle lift is not the facial rejuvenation option that most patients are looking for. So if your concern has anything to do with the three signs of aging mentioned above then you may want to look elsewhere for the right solution.

Another reason for you to look for other facial solutions other than lifestyle lift is the fact that the New York State Attorney General has actually fined the company for deceptive advertising. This decision arose from a complaint that lifestyle lift was posting fake customer reviews on their website. The Attorney General concluded that these reviews were meant to mislead consumers into believing that there are actually several satisfied customers raving about the procedure. Under state and federal laws, this kind of deception falls under fraudulent and illegal conduct and false advertising.

This New York ruling is believed to be the first recorded case in the United States where the fight against astro-turfing is taken seriously. Astro-turfing is the term used to define the practice where employees of a particular company pose as customers or independent entities and proceed to praise their product on the internet or attack their detractors. As a result of the said ruling, several requests for comment were issued to lifestyle lift but they have yet to respond.

And when an independent body conducted their own customer satisfaction survey for lifestyle lift face lift customers, only 29% said that the procedure was worth the money that they paid for it. Here is another thing that you may want to take into account. Lifestyle lift is a proprietary procedure. This means that the company considers the procedure as their very own trade secret. While there may be nothing wrong with keeping a trade secret in order to protect your business, it remains a fact that the American Medical Association is very much against keeping any medical procedure a secret. The general contention is that there are no secrets in real scientific medicine.

Finally, the cost of lifestyle lift is significantly low as compared to other face lift procedures. If you believe in the saying that you get what you pay for then you really cannot expect much from something that does not cost that much, right? There may be some truth in that saying, if those who have tried lifestyle lift are to be believed. They complain that the results of the procedure last for less than a year, which is why they consider it a waste of their hard-earned money.

Cost of Antibiotic is Justified: Is this true?

Improving the self-esteem, changing looks or correlating the appearance with the way one feels are just a few reasons why people undergo the path of surgical physical enhancement. Even though the reasons vary according to customers, doctors strive to create a procedure that suits all tastes.

Traditional face-lift procedures had a lot of things that posed a threat to the beneficiary’s health. Among them we can name general anesthesia, otherwise known as ‘going under’, a long period spent in the operating room, not to mention the recovery time, which sometimes took several months, and many more. When you hear this, the procedure does not seem so appealing anymore does it?

Because of this, a new and innovative procedure has been developed that is meant to replace the old ways of enhancing people’s looks called lifestyle lift. Started as an experimental procedure and later becoming a one man crusade trying to convince everybody that this is better, the lifestyle lift is now the preferred option for more people than you can imagine, men and women alike.

As the number of people who undertake surgical procedures for appearance enhancement grows every year, they should try to let go of the past and look into the future. Why go the traditional way, when something newer and better is available for you?

The lifestyle lift procedure is better because it lacks all the disadvantages of the traditional face-lift. The time spent in the operating rooms rarely exceeds an hour, doctors use only local anesthesia, which is far less risky than general anesthesia and more. To top it all, instead of waiting months to heal, a person that chooses lifestyle lift can be back in business in a week or so.

Financially, the lifestyle lift cost is cheaper than the one of traditional face-lift procedures. This is basically due to the reduced period of time spent in the operating room, which has a significant impact on the overall cost of the operation.

Even though health insurance doesn’t usually cover the cost of any physical enhancement procedure, the lifestyle lift cost is still affordable to many. Why should you pay extra for a procedure that involves greater risk and longer recovery time?

If we analyze the lifestyle lift cost from a risk point of view, it is still better to go with the innovative procedure. As it was pointed out afore, you may not wake up from general anesthesia, and the other factor is the person who performs the operation. Traditional face-lifts could be performed by any doctor, regardless of specialty, but the lifestyle lift is performed exclusively by cosmetic surgeons.

In the medical community, some opinions may be against this innovative procedure. Their source may be traditionalists that cannot understand progress. If this was a procedure that did not have real results, why did more than 80000 people appealed to it?

The Popular Lifestyle Lift Details

Do you know someone that has had plastic surgery? How about a someone that has had a facelift, breast augmentation or a lifestyle lift? Odds are increasing all the time that you will as the popularity for plastic surgery continues to rise. Have you ever seen the show on FX called Nip/Tuck? How about the Extreme Makeover show? It's constantly in the entertainment news and on TV shows. Plastic surgery is all the rage and giving your face a little nip here and slight tuck there is usually at the top of the list. Facelifts were at one time the top requests for plastic surgeons all over the country. At least for those people in the financial demographic that could afford it. They are one of the more expensive procedures if you have never priced them before.

Thankfully for the other half of the people that are not fortunate enough to be in the higher income bracket. The popularity of the lifestyle lift and the plastic surgeons performing them is on the rise very quickly and the main reasons for that are two fold.

The first reason for the popularity of the lifestyle lift procedure is the cost. The average cost for the lifestyle lift is starting around $3500 with a high range around $5000. Still a lot of money in this economy but when compared to the average cost of a full on face lift you are looking at about half the price. Half off a plastic surgery with the same results has gotten lifestyle lifts a lot of attention and new customers for the plastic surgeons that can do the lifestyle lift procedure.

The second reason the lifestyle lifts popularity is so high is the actual lifestyle lift procedure itself. Unlike a face lift in which case you have a hospital stay with a full surgical team and weeks of recovery time. A lifestyle lift procedure can be done as an office visit with an average recovery time of about a week depending on the patient.

Now those are only two reasons that were listed here for getting a lifestyle lift instead of a full face lift. Honestly though what other reason could you possibly need? It's cheaper, less invasive and the healing time for a lifestyle lift is a fraction of that of a facelift.