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What does the Lifestyle Lift do and how long has this procedure been performed?

When people reach their 40s, gravity, heredity, sun exposure and the stresses of daily life begin to affect their faces. The jawline grows slack and jowls begin to form. Fatty deposits and loose skin begin to appear in the lower face and neck. Creases form between the nose and mouth.

These changes combine to make people look older than they feel. The Lifestyle Lift can improve these visible signs of aging by removing excess fat, tightening underlying muscles and tightening and smoothing skin on the face and neck. The procedure restores the jawline and neck, quickly removes wrinkles and sagging skin, and dramatically creates a more youthful appearance. Many patients see and feel the improvement before they leave the office!

The Lifestyle Lift can do great things to enhance your appearance and your self-confidence. The procedure can be performed alone or with eyelid tightening procedures (blepharoplasty). These procedures help reduce the signs of aging around the eyes. Together, they can be potent tools to help restore your appearance. Plus, facial/neck procedures are the only ones performed at Lifestyle Lift centers.

In general, facelift procedures have been performed safely for more than 50 years. The Lifestyle Lift was introduced in 2001 as a breakthrough alternative to the traditional, more invasive types of facelifts.

Recently, there has been a trend in all of medicine to move away from extensive, long and involved procedures (such as a traditional facelift) toward simpler, quicker and safer procedures (such as the Lifestyle Lift). By concentrating exclusively on the Lifestyle Lift, our doctors have become the country’s experts with this procedure. They have performed more than 100,000 procedures at Lifestyle Lift centers around the country!

How does the Lifestyle Life differ from other cosmetic procedures?

First of all, it is important to understand that Lifestyle Lift docotrs are NOT cosmetic surgeons. All of our docotrs are general or facial plastic surgeons, and as such must undergo specialization and training. Cosmetic surgeons, on the other hand, can receive certification in a matter of hours and are not qualified to perform the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure. The procedure is designed to be as comfortable as possible, and with as little interruption to your life as possible. Frighteningly enough, doctors in most states are able to legally perform specialized procedures without actually being specialists in that area. That means that some physicians and surgeons with no formal training in plastic surgery are in the operating rooms around the country, performing plastic surgery. The Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure has earned its reputation as one of the safest, most reliable forms of cosmetic enhancement.

Part of the reason for this is the requirement that only specialists who are board certified (or in the process of being board certified) are able to be trained as Lifestyle Lift doctors. Each of our qualified doctors must be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery, and/or the American Board of Otolaryngology Facial Plastic Surgery. Doctors not certified (or in the process of) by at least one of these three boards are not eligible to perform the Lifestyle Lift. The Lifestyle Lift organization has developed this policy to ensure that all doctors who perform the procedure practice the high standards established by each of the certifying boards. It also helps ensure that only the world’s most qualified specialists are performing the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure. We encourage all patients to review the biographies and certifications of their Lifestyle Lift doctor before undergoing the facial firming procedure. We also encourage patients to ask questions during their free Lifestyle Lift consultation or at any time before or after the procedure. Through open communication and high standards that far exceed most others in the industry, the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure will continue to stand high above other facial cosmetic enhancement procedures in terms of safety, specialization, and patient experience.

Advice After Lifestyle Lift Procedure

As we age and grow older, certain physical events take place: skin begins to sag, eyes begin to droop, and deep wrinkles begin to develop. These can start to occur at a relatively young age, and many people feel as though they're appearance doesn't accurately reflect how they feel.

That's where Lifestyle Lift comes in. With the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure, these signs of aging can be greatly reduced or eliminated to leave a natural, younger looking you in their place. It is ideal for those in their 40s through 60s who don't need a full, traditional face lift, but who still want to look as young as they feel.

After the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure, there are steps that can be taken to preserve your new youthful appearance. Other options include:

1. Limit Exposure to the Sun

The sun can have damaging effects on your face! Limit your exposure to the sun. And when you have to be in the sun, always be sure to wear a hat or sunblock. Exposure to the sun can cause deep creases and wrinkles, which can be significantly reduced by the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure.

2. Eat Healthy

Believe it or not, your diet can have a considerable effect on your skin and the speed with which you age. Eating a balanced diet can help preserve the new healthy appearance you gain through the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure.

3. Don't Smoke

Beyond the obvious health risks associated with smoking, the habit can also cause smokers to age more quickly and at a faster rate than non-smokers. In order to keep your youthful new look gained by the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure, don't start smoking. And if you smoke now, now is the time to quit!

The Main Lifestyle Lift Complaints

As with any procedure, there will occasionally be those people who voice complaints over their experience. In an effort to ensure that accurate information about Lifestyle Lift is available, we have chosen to specifically address some of the Lifestyle Lift complaints that have been expressed by a handful of alumni. Tens of thousands of Lifestyle Lift clients have experience the remarkable success and results associated with the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure. Occasionally, though, some clients inform us of complaints. The vast majority of these are a result of miscommunication, which is why the Lifestyle Lift team feels it is important to address potential Lifestyle Lift complaints before the procedure.

Many Lifestyle Lift complaints center on the recovery. A few clients occasionally have the misconception that there will be no bruising or swelling associated with the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure. While it's true that the procedure causes less trauma to the face than traditional face lifts, you should still expect a few days of mild bruising and soreness in your face.

If you are not a good candidate for the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure, our doctors will tell you before the procedure if there are any concerns or reservations about your participation in the procedure. When you visit a Lifestyle Lift center for your free consultation, we will go over your medical history and your facial characteristics to help you decide whether or not the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure is a good fit for your individual situation.

By maintaining open lines of communication with the Lifestyle Lift team, you will be able to avoid misunderstandings. Most of the complaints and problems that occur are a result of clients not asking questions and not fully understanding what to expect from their Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure. While the procedure is much less intrusive, much more safe, and requires much less recovery time, it is not a miracle.

Lifestyle Lift Complaint #1: My Face is Swollen

During your consultation, your Lifestyle Lift consultant or doctor will specifically discuss what to expect following the procedure to help reduce this type of complaint. With the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure, swelling will be notably less in most instances than a traditional face lift and other types of facial cosmetic enhancement. Following your doctor's specific aftercare instructions can also help reduce the amount of swelling that you experience following the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure.

Lifestyle Lift Complaint #2: My Doctor Said I'm Not a Good Candidate

Your safety is the top priority of the Lifestyle Lift staff. During your free consultation, our medical team will go over a review of your medical history and address your specific concerns to make sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. The vast majority of those individuals who are interested in the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure are excellent candidates for the procedure. However, there may be some medical conditions that can cause your Lifestyle Lift doctor to not recommend the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure for you. While it is an unfortunate Lifestyle Lift complaint, these instances happen only in the best medical interest of the individual.

Lifestyle Lift Complaint #3: My Face is Bruised

Like swelling, some bruising is to be expected with any procedure. Bruising in usually minimal, and can generally be covered with makeup in the days following the procedure. Most bruising will fade considerably in the first few days, and should be completely gone within a week or so after the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure.

Lifestyle Lift Complaint #4: I Have to Wait Too Long for My Appointment

We strive to meet the appointment requests of every person interested in Lifestyle Lift. There is a strong interest in the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure, so some patients may end up waiting a few days or weeks longer than anticipated for their Lifestyle Lift appointment. We suggest contacting us early for a consultation, and should you decide to seek out the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure, make your appointment for the procedure while at your free consultation.

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Lifestyle Coaching! Be healthy always!

The quality of our life depends greatly on our attitude and discipline in life. Hence, be it by choice or by circumstances your health and your future, therefore is the result of your lifestyle and your attitude in life. Our life coach provides prearranged and wide-ranging training programs suitable for people belonging to different walks of life. Your posture, the way you stand or your style of walking shows your confidence and you may feel purposeful. A balanced lifestyle makes you feel motivated and fulfilled. It inculcates inner happiness. The positive energy within you will get charged up and you will get an urge to work or do things at your fancy and will. Healthy eating and regular exercise is an essential part of adult lifestyle and the positive effect of such lifestyle coaching will surely make you a healthier person. So it's time that you start taking care of your health, body and mind.

Making positive lifestyle preferences especially choosing to be more vigorous and eating healthy will not only increase your prolonged existence, develop your quality of life but also help you to maintain your physical and mental health. Science has established the fact that human beings, though prone to diseases can look and feel healthier and can reduce the risk of chronic and age related diseases by exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet. Your undisciplined lifestyle and improper diet will increase the risk of developing diseases with time. Positive lifestyle training can perk up your health, and avert the inception of age related diseases.

The effects of positive lifestyle coaching on health cannot be enough stressed upon. The benefits gained from a disciplined lifestyle may include effects like relief from stress, increase in resistance power, improvements in health and a sense of well being reduces risk of coronary and lung diseases and better coping skills to obstacles and hardships. Once you appreciate and put into practice the safe and helpful exercise regime and consumption habits, you will start achieving great outcome, the stimulation and joy you feel will make your lifestyle changes well worth the effort.

Some Reasons to join the Swinger Lifestyle! Good choose!

If you are a fun-loving couple, then join the swinger lifestyle group and enjoy several sexual activities with other swinger couples.

Are you an outgoing and adventurous couple? If yes, then the swinger lifestyle is the place for you. Hence, you can join the group with an experimental outlook towards your sexual desires and willingness to explore camping, hiking etc. Nowadays, you find swinging singles and couples who indulge into sexual activities with the mutually consenting individuals.

Any individual can become a part of the swinger community. He/she can venture into the lifestyle without any discrimination over cast, creed, color or religion. These people are everyday individuals who visualize their sexual fantasies with a completely different perspective. These people believe that swinger activities are a mode of recreational play. Hence, several upper and middle class couples explore their sexual desires by joining the swinger community.

However, there are several reasons that can compel you to join the swinger lifestyle.

Firstly, you can fulfill your sexual wants with other like-minded individuals.

You can also explore your sexuality at this liberal environment.

The swingers' community gives you the opportunity to make several friends who can share your viewpoint.

It gives you the opportunity to explore your bisexual desires.

It brings closeness and trust in marital relationships.

It changes the mindset of several couples, who accept sex as a mode to boost their egos. Hence, these couples learn the importance of a sexually satisfying personal relationship.

The lifestyle also helps you accept all people despite their shape, color, age and sizes.

Moreover, you can also enjoy pleasures of nudism, since you can shed your clothes in front of your swinger friends and indulge into erotic adult fun.

Hence, the above reasons are enough to develop your fascination towards this adventurous lifestyle. However, you and your partner must be comfortable with the environment and culture at the swinger club or community.

So, join the group of adventuress and explore with your sexual abilities.

You want Lower Your Blood Pressure? Change Your Lifestyle!

High blood pressure or what is medically known as hypertension affect millions of Americans. In fact, about 80 million people in the US have high blood pressure and what is more terrifying is the fact that some of these people are not even aware that they have high blood pressures. This is why hypertension has become known as the silent killer because unless you have your blood pressures checked regularly, you have no way of knowing that you already have it until it is already much too high up the scale.

High blood pressure will often manifests itself through headaches, dizziness and nose bleeds. Some people will also feel pain at the back of their necks when they wake up in the morning. Hypertension is not really life-threatening per se as it is not a disease. The level of blood pressure, however, is a risk factor to heart disease and will increase one’s predisposition to heart attacks. This is especially true with people who are over 35 years old and those who are much much older.

Because it is a condition and not a disease, people can do a lot to prevent hypertension from settling in. Most doctors recommend a change in the diet and a major lifestyle change.

Diet is perhaps the primary lifestyle change that people should look into when dealing with high blood pressure. Excessive eating of fatty foods that cannot be easily digested can cause a lot of problems. Obese individuals are also more likely to develop hypertension not only because of the fat content in their bodies but also the constriction that these fats produce in the body. This constriction can affect blood circulation and heart function, which may lead to a full-blown heart attack.

Another advice that doctors give to individuals concerned with their blood pressure is to have regular exercise regimen that would help lower their blood pressure. Activities such as running and jogging, cycling and swimming as well as other sports can decrease blood pressure. Doctors recommend that people exercise and do these sports activities for about 30 to 45 minutes a day and they will find their blood pressures significantly lowered.

Alcohol, for instance, increase the prevalence of hypertension when it is taken in excess. The term excess here will refer to over two drinks per day. Studies have actually shown a direct relationship between these two factors when the drinking exceeds five glasses each day. A drink here refers to a can of beer, a glass of wine or a jigger of liquor. There are people however who have low tolerance with alcohol. It is best to stop drinking if you find your blood pressure going up or if you feel nauseous already.

Smoking is also one of the things that a person should avoid when trying to either lower blood pressure or to prevent it from going up. Besides the complications that it poses to the lungs and the vascular system, smoking also increases the risk for heart disease. This is because the nicotine in cigarettes and tobaccos can constrict one’s blood vessels, causing the heart to beat faster.

Elderly people are also asked to avoid excessive coffee drinking. In a study conducted, it was found that five cups of coffee per day can mildly increase the blood pressure. The combination of coffee drinking with smoking increases the risk all the more.

Problems of Lifestyle Lift Procedure

As we age our facial skin tends to sag and wrinkle. Many people, especially women, choose to have cosmetic surgery to deter the signs of aging. These surgeries run the gamut from relatively simple eyelid lifts to full facelifts, with many procedures in between. One technique, Lifestyle Lift™, is widely advertised and apparently popular, but there are several reported problems with it.

Full Facelift Technique

By definition, a full facelift involves making incisions in front of and behind the ears, removing skin and fat tissue, moving and/or replacing fat tissue where needed, and suturing the incisions. It is almost always done under full anesthesia, and recovery time may be as long as six weeks. This procedure, when done for cosmetic purposes, is generally not covered by health insurance and can be quite costly, with the cost varying by state and doctor.

Mini Facelift Technique

The mini facelift procedure has reportedly been around since the early 1900s. According to New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Kamran Jafri, it is a somewhat less invasive technique in which the incisions are not as long or deep and no skin is removed. Another plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Schwartz, advises that mini facelifts have very limited results.

Lifestyle Lift™ Technique

The Lifestyle Lift™ procedure is sometimes generically grouped with mini facelifts, but, according to Dr. Jafri, differs in that it uses the longer incision usually associated with a full facelift. Lifestyle Lift™ claims that the procedure takes only one hour in most cases, that it can be done under local anesthesia, and that there is a very short recovery time, varying to some degree upon the patient. There are other trade names for slight variations of this procedure such as Lunchtime Lift™ and Quicklift™.


Reports of problems with this company and its procedure abound. Some clients complain about high-pressure sales tactics and about not getting enough information prior to their surgery. Others say that the technique is not pain-free, as claimed, and that the numbing shots are very uncomfortable. Most of the complaints come from people whose procedure took longer than expected, whose recovery was slower than expected and who saw little improvement in their appearance, even after recovery time. In addition, Dr. Robert M. Freund warns that the results do not last.

Positive Comments

Lifestyle Lift™ is popular; the business is booming, due apparently to advertising and word-of-mouth. Even so, it is difficult to find positive reviews of the technique that are not directly solicited by Lifestyle Lift™. In fact, a 2009 lawsuit found many supposedly unsolicited testimonials to be fraudulent. Regardless, there must be satisfied customers or the popularity of Lifestyle Lift™ would not keep growing.

Expert Insight

Both Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Freund, along with other plastic surgery specialists, warn against temporary or partial facelift procedures. The general attitude from the plastic surgeons is that if you need a facelift, get a facelift that mini procedures provide only partial solutions, if any, and that the same problems will recur within a short time, making your time, money and pain ill-spent.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How Is Lifestyle Lift Done?

Jowls, sagging skin and wrinkles can all work together to make one feel older than our years. Or at least older than what we feel. A Lifestyle Lift is a minor face-lift that works to correct the sagging and jowling, in less time than a traditional face-lift and using only local anesthetic. Please be aware that a "Lifestyle Lift" is a trademarked type of surgical procedure, but it can be done as a "mini-face-lift" by most cosmetic surgeons.

An S-Lift is a face-lift where the skin only is lifted. The cost of Lifestyle Lift is a SMAS (sub or superficial muscular and aponeurtoic system). This means that the muscle and connective tissue are involved, helping to eliminate frown and smile lines because it is lifting the tissue that you use to make facial movements. First an S-shaped incision is made in front of and below each ear. Once these cuts are made, the skin is actually gathered and pulled to create smoothness. Excess skin is trimmed off and many times Lipo is used to reduce fat from under the chin. Then two sutures are made, one at each ear, that hold this new framework for the face in place.

Because this type of surgery takes about an hour and uses general anesthetic, the recovery time is much faster than a traditional face-lift. But it is no lunch hour procedure. It is quite a lot of surgery, involving cutting and bruising and you do need to rest for at least 48 hours before doing anything more strenuous than watching TV and getting yourself something to eat. And the results? You have to do your research to see photos and hear stories, but overall women and men seem to be very pleased with the procedure. And a look of natural beauty and of freshness can make you feel younger, so that you may project a younger appearance.

Types of Lifestyle Lift: What to choose?

Anti-Aging Procedure

A Lifestyle Lift is a registered trademark for a surgical facial-firming method that has been available since 2001. According to, its cosmetic procedure will help minimize the signs of aging. Lifestyle Lift is described by as a mini-facelift that is an alternative to more invasive facelift surgeries that require several months of recovery.

Mini Facelift

There are two primary kinds of mini facelifts according to Plastic One is referred to as an anterior lift. It works best on patients who want to lift sagging skin in their lower face. The second kind of mini facelift is referred to as a posterior mini lift. This type of surgery concentrates on the neck and jowl area.

During a mini facelift, your doctor carefully pulls up facial skin from the underlying tissue, one side at a time, taking out a thin, S-shaped section of skin from the treatment area. In some cases, the surgeon performs liposuction to eliminate any excess fat.

In contrast, a full facelift, according to the Mayo Clinic, involves a surgical incision that begins in the scalp area on top of the ears and continues down the side of the face, under the earlobes and ends in the back of the ears.

Lifestyle Lift

Lifestyle lift is a relatively short surgical procedure, which takes approximately one hour. The patient sits in a reclining chair while soothing music plays.

According to, its surgical approach to facial rejuvenation involves tightening muscles, removing jowls, wrinkles and excess fat. Although the Lifestyle Lift website doesn't provide detailed information about how its procedure is performed, a general description published by Lifestyle Lift is similar to the S-shape mini lift.

Lifestyle Lift says your doctor will insert permanent sutures to hold fundamental muscles in place to make certain that the tightening effects will remain intact for several years.

Lifestyle Lift says the doctors who perform this procedure are from highly credible institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Harvard and Stanford University.


According to Plastic, mini facelifts may cause temporary discomfort, bruising, and numbness. Lifestyle says most people are able to resume their normal activities in about a week.

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Lifestyle Lift vs. Traditional Facelift: Which is better?

The Lifestyle Lift is a revolutionary alternative to the traditional facelift that often requires an extensive recovery. The procedure is said to be a more safe approach to cosmetic surgery and much less expensive. The Lifestyle Lift is designed to restore the neck, as well as the jaw line, revealing a much younger appearance. Many individuals feel as though the first true signs of aging show up in the neck area, a place that seems so irreversible. With this ground-breaking procedure, the results are clear in as little as one hour, as this is all it takes for the process to be complete. Even though many individuals have had positive results, there are also patients who have been completely unsatisfied.

The Lifestyle Lift was created by Dr. David M. Kent, in the year 2001. His goal in creating this procedure was to design an alternative to the old fashion facelift, producing a more simple way to give someone a younger appearance.
The Lifestyle Lift is Performed by Experienced Board-Certified Doctors

Even though the procedure is quite minimal, it is only performed by doctors who have an extensive background in facial or general plastic surgeries. These doctors who were specifically trained to perform the Lifestyle Lift are now mostly exclusive to performing this one procedure. What started as just one doctor has now accumulated to more than 80 doctors all across the United States focused on performing the Lifestyle Lift procedure. They have surely kept busy as they have gained over 100,000 clients nationwide.

The Lifestyle Lift vs. the Traditional Facelift

This procedure is much less harsh than the traditional facelift. First off, the procedure is often performed in an office, under local anesthesia, rather than general or intravenous anesthesia. This means patients are never completely put to sleep. It takes much less time versus any other alternative surgeries. The one drastic difference is the cost, as the Lifestyle lift averages about $5,000, where a traditional facelift can cost around $15,000.

Doctors begin with an incision along the patient’s temple around the hairline, which will carry on all the way around to the front of the ear. There are two circular sutures put in to tighten up the loose muscles. The extra skin is then removed.

The Procedure has Changed Many Lives

This innovative lifestyle lift procedure has changed many lives and has given men and women the confidence of feeling and looking many years younger. Best of all, compared to any other drastic facelift, the Lifestyle Lift saves patients time and money.

The Lifestyle Lift is designed to target these specific areas:
Define the jaw line
Tighten skin on both face and neck
Tighten droopy muscles
Reduce wrinkles and frown lines
The Lifestyle Lift Takes Approximately One Hour

The process takes place under local anesthesia and is often complete in just one hour. The procedure is said to have patients back to their regular daily schedule in as little as one week. As every case is different, some patients may need extra time to heal.
Some Patients are Unhappy with the Results of the Lifestyle Lift

Even though many patients claim the surgery has changed their life for the better, there are also many patients who have stated the opposite. The most common complaints are being unhappy with the results. Some individuals have complained about the fact that their face looks no better than before. There are also patients who have claimed the recovery time was longer than what is advertised.

With every procedure there are always going to be pros and cons. It is often best for individuals to search out as many recourses as possible in order to find out whether a surgery would be beneficial to them, or not. While the Lifestyle Lift has changed many lives for the better, some patients haven’t been so lucky.

What You Need to Know About Lifestyle Lift Procedure

What is a lifestyle lift face lift? Well, it is simply a mini-face lift procedure that is being advertised by its developers as a one-hour plastic surgery procedure that delivers dramatic positive results. But is it really all that it claims to be? Read on to find out.

The truth, according to cosmetic surgery experts, is that lifestyle lift face lift does not really provide an effective solution to the three major signs of aging: sagging skin in the jaw line, neckline and the jowls. And because these are the primary concerns that those who undergo face lifts seek to address, it is safe to assume that lifestyle lift is not the facial rejuvenation option that most patients are looking for. So if your concern has anything to do with the three signs of aging mentioned above then you may want to look elsewhere for the right solution.

Another reason for you to look for other facial solutions other than lifestyle lift is the fact that the New York State Attorney General has actually fined the company for deceptive advertising. This decision arose from a complaint that lifestyle lift was posting fake customer reviews on their website. The Attorney General concluded that these reviews were meant to mislead consumers into believing that there are actually several satisfied customers raving about the procedure. Under state and federal laws, this kind of deception falls under fraudulent and illegal conduct and false advertising.

This New York ruling is believed to be the first recorded case in the United States where the fight against astro-turfing is taken seriously. Astro-turfing is the term used to define the practice where employees of a particular company pose as customers or independent entities and proceed to praise their product on the internet or attack their detractors. As a result of the said ruling, several requests for comment were issued to lifestyle lift but they have yet to respond.

And when an independent body conducted their own customer satisfaction survey for lifestyle lift face lift customers, only 29% said that the procedure was worth the money that they paid for it. Here is another thing that you may want to take into account. Lifestyle lift is a proprietary procedure. This means that the company considers the procedure as their very own trade secret. While there may be nothing wrong with keeping a trade secret in order to protect your business, it remains a fact that the American Medical Association is very much against keeping any medical procedure a secret. The general contention is that there are no secrets in real scientific medicine.

Finally, the cost of lifestyle lift is significantly low as compared to other face lift procedures. If you believe in the saying that you get what you pay for then you really cannot expect much from something that does not cost that much, right? There may be some truth in that saying, if those who have tried lifestyle lift are to be believed. They complain that the results of the procedure last for less than a year, which is why they consider it a waste of their hard-earned money.

Cost of Antibiotic is Justified: Is this true?

Improving the self-esteem, changing looks or correlating the appearance with the way one feels are just a few reasons why people undergo the path of surgical physical enhancement. Even though the reasons vary according to customers, doctors strive to create a procedure that suits all tastes.

Traditional face-lift procedures had a lot of things that posed a threat to the beneficiary’s health. Among them we can name general anesthesia, otherwise known as ‘going under’, a long period spent in the operating room, not to mention the recovery time, which sometimes took several months, and many more. When you hear this, the procedure does not seem so appealing anymore does it?

Because of this, a new and innovative procedure has been developed that is meant to replace the old ways of enhancing people’s looks called lifestyle lift. Started as an experimental procedure and later becoming a one man crusade trying to convince everybody that this is better, the lifestyle lift is now the preferred option for more people than you can imagine, men and women alike.

As the number of people who undertake surgical procedures for appearance enhancement grows every year, they should try to let go of the past and look into the future. Why go the traditional way, when something newer and better is available for you?

The lifestyle lift procedure is better because it lacks all the disadvantages of the traditional face-lift. The time spent in the operating rooms rarely exceeds an hour, doctors use only local anesthesia, which is far less risky than general anesthesia and more. To top it all, instead of waiting months to heal, a person that chooses lifestyle lift can be back in business in a week or so.

Financially, the lifestyle lift cost is cheaper than the one of traditional face-lift procedures. This is basically due to the reduced period of time spent in the operating room, which has a significant impact on the overall cost of the operation.

Even though health insurance doesn’t usually cover the cost of any physical enhancement procedure, the lifestyle lift cost is still affordable to many. Why should you pay extra for a procedure that involves greater risk and longer recovery time?

If we analyze the lifestyle lift cost from a risk point of view, it is still better to go with the innovative procedure. As it was pointed out afore, you may not wake up from general anesthesia, and the other factor is the person who performs the operation. Traditional face-lifts could be performed by any doctor, regardless of specialty, but the lifestyle lift is performed exclusively by cosmetic surgeons.

In the medical community, some opinions may be against this innovative procedure. Their source may be traditionalists that cannot understand progress. If this was a procedure that did not have real results, why did more than 80000 people appealed to it?

The Popular Lifestyle Lift Details

Do you know someone that has had plastic surgery? How about a someone that has had a facelift, breast augmentation or a lifestyle lift? Odds are increasing all the time that you will as the popularity for plastic surgery continues to rise. Have you ever seen the show on FX called Nip/Tuck? How about the Extreme Makeover show? It's constantly in the entertainment news and on TV shows. Plastic surgery is all the rage and giving your face a little nip here and slight tuck there is usually at the top of the list. Facelifts were at one time the top requests for plastic surgeons all over the country. At least for those people in the financial demographic that could afford it. They are one of the more expensive procedures if you have never priced them before.

Thankfully for the other half of the people that are not fortunate enough to be in the higher income bracket. The popularity of the lifestyle lift and the plastic surgeons performing them is on the rise very quickly and the main reasons for that are two fold.

The first reason for the popularity of the lifestyle lift procedure is the cost. The average cost for the lifestyle lift is starting around $3500 with a high range around $5000. Still a lot of money in this economy but when compared to the average cost of a full on face lift you are looking at about half the price. Half off a plastic surgery with the same results has gotten lifestyle lifts a lot of attention and new customers for the plastic surgeons that can do the lifestyle lift procedure.

The second reason the lifestyle lifts popularity is so high is the actual lifestyle lift procedure itself. Unlike a face lift in which case you have a hospital stay with a full surgical team and weeks of recovery time. A lifestyle lift procedure can be done as an office visit with an average recovery time of about a week depending on the patient.

Now those are only two reasons that were listed here for getting a lifestyle lift instead of a full face lift. Honestly though what other reason could you possibly need? It's cheaper, less invasive and the healing time for a lifestyle lift is a fraction of that of a facelift.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lifestyle Lift Solve All Your Face Problems

Lifestyle Lift problems may come to an end thanks to the cosmetic surgery that has emerged as a quite attractive option for all the people from all walks of life. Medical advancement is making it more and more accessible to every person who is interested in achieving a more positive self image. Regardless of your age or income, feeling confident about the way you look is important. The emphasis on your appearance reaches everywhere, from your dating arena to your workplace.

Medical advancement will allow for much safer cosmetic surgical procedures; faster recovery can also be expected and you will not have to wait for a longer period of time in order to observe the positive changes when it comes to your appearance. There are a growing number of invasive and even non-invasive treatments available. Many minimally invasive treatments may be performed in the outpatient facility, rather than the ordinary hospital setting. The outpatient facilities can lower the cost of entire cosmetic surgery.

The emphasis on such safer, option-laden Lifestyle Lift is attracting more and more people from various walks of life. In the past, such cosmetic surgery has reached the white female elite demographic but the field is experiencing a growing interest when it comes to the minorities that are interested in the latest revolutionary procedures that can change the way they look in a positive manner and without wasting their time and money.

Another new trend in the current cosmetic surgery involves the genuine combination between various treatments. With such a well developed understanding of the beautiful human body, the cosmetic surgery practices are likely to put an end to the Lifestyle Lift problems because the latest procedures are safer and even more convenient. They can also be comprehensive because gone are the past days of lengthy surgical procedures and difficult recovery periods. There are plenty of cosmetic surgeons are enlisting the treatment plans for the Lifestyle Lift problems; they try to develop the necessary plans that can help every patient to prioritize what he would like to change about his present appearance.

Such treatment plans are likely to incorporate some timeframes ranging from months to several years. The emerging trend can impress every person who is interested in regaining his or her self esteem in no time and without having to pay a fortune. Such highly professional treatment plans in cosmetic surgery are likely to open the doors of communication between you and your doctor.

Still, you have to be perfectly aware that making the right decision to undergo such a cosmetic surgery procedure is to be regarded as an intensely personal decision. You must weigh all the possible medical risks and side effects that may come along because such aspects are involved by every cosmetic procedure and they may come against the personal benefits. People tend to consider having the cosmetic surgery if they are really unhappy with some aspect when it comes to their present appearance. But they have to be aware that the cosmetic surgery is a genuine medical procedure and that their decision should not be taken lightly.

Patients are likely to experience a stronger sense of self esteem and self confidence soon after the successful cosmetic surgery procedure. Actually, it is true that the way a person looks on the outside affects the way that he feels on the inside. Increasing the self confidence is the best thing he can do in order to succeed in his life and such cosmetic procedures can do the job because they may lead to more successes in personal and professional life. But it is highly important for you to try and understand that such a cosmetic surgery is not to be regarded as a sort of miracle panacea for fixing your every problem in personal and professional life. Actually, it is a tool that can help you achieve your most important goals.

The Best Choose Quality Surgeon For Your Problems of Lifestyle Lift

Lifestyle Lift can help you deal with your aesthetic problems. You can use the aesthetic surgery because this branch of medicine is focusing on improving the personal appearance by using the surgical and medical techniques. Actually, this cosmetic surgery has become a very popular avenue for the personal enhancement. Cosmetic surgery can be performed for aesthetic reasons while the reconstructive or plastic surgery is more likely to be performed for some medical reasons.

There are plenty of reasons to opt for the cosmetic surgery, varying with each person, some reasons cosmetic and others medical. Most importantly, the patient should be doing it for the correct reasons. To increase the opportunity of a quite satisfying outcome, the patient must first look at his motives for wanting the Lifestyle Lift. Each person has various reasons for wanting to solve the Lifestyle Lift problems; people may be interested to alter their present appearance but having such a cosmetic surgery may not be the best choice for some patients.

The possible dangers should also be taken into account; for instance, the patient should be alert when it comes to the Lifestyle Lift problems. Scaring can occur unless the surgeon has enough experience in this field. You may also worry about the present costs of such cosmetic procedures; due to some recent proliferation of revolutionary techniques and lowering of costs, there are plenty of people who can afford to have such cosmetic surgery. Reckon up all the possible costs and future benefits.

The present lifestyle lift costs of the cosmetic plastic surgery may and do vary quite a bit; they depend on the chosen type and duration of the entire procedure. Costs should be discussed at the time of every consultation. Whether the cosmetic surgery is the right thing for a patient depends on several factors. But the key element when considering such plastic or cosmetic surgery remains to choose the right and experienced surgeon that can take proper care of you.

You should not forget that death from such a cosmetic surgery has been reported in some isolated cases. Cosmetic surgery can be quite satisfying for every patient and even for the surgeon when the entire procedure is performed according to the right principles and in a way that can be regarded as safe, sound, and even realistic. Receiving such a cosmetic surgery can become an ordinary fact in the people’s life. But you have to remember that the aim of the facial cosmetic surgery is the genuine improvement, and not the future perfection.

The Lifestyle Lift involves many choices; the most important one is selecting the surgeon you can trust. Choosing such a fully trained plastic surgeon will ensure a successful procedure that will involve no risks. For instance, you should select a physician who has completed at least 3 years of general surgery residency. Patients who wish to undergo such a cosmetic surgery should realize that the most important decision they will make is their initial choice of surgeon. Patients must not be afraid to ask for the training background of the chosen surgeon. The experience and training of the surgeon is of paramount importance; actually, this is the key factor that will make the difference between a successful and a poorly planned surgery.

Therefore, you must take your time and find the surgeon ho can take proper care of you without overcharging you. Regardless of your reasons for choosing the cosmetic surgery health reasons, accidents, self esteem or vanity) you have to be fully aware of the importance of your initial choice.

You will also have to provide yourself with as much information as you can get in order to make the wisest decision because the cosmetic surgery can change your life in a negative manner unless you choose the right surgeon that can take care of the Lifestyle Lift problems.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Lifestyle Lift Good Review: My Lifestyle Lift Surgery Experience

Lifestyle Lift Cost: 5000$
Pain: Mild
Lifestyle lift satisfaction: Very good
I recommend my Lifestyle lift provider: Sign in or join to view provider name
Why: He takes time to answer your questions and he truly cares. When he saw me for my first post-op visit in the lobby, I can tell already that he was giving me a "doctor's look" looking at my face to see if his handiwork was successful. He took time to answer each question and understood me when I said "you are the doctor but understand where I am coming from," I am worried about this and that (I had a list on my Blackberry) -and he took time to address each question I had.

I had a midface lift five years ago when I was 48 years old. During that time, my plastic surgeon did not advise a full face lift as I did not have problems with my jowls yet. My jowls have been catching up and I wanted a balanced look and more importantly, I wanted to prolong my rejuvenated look.

After watching the LSL infomercial, I called to make an appointment in VA. I wanted to know if they do the threadlift and I was pleased to know that this is not a threadlift; rather, this is an actual "nip and tuck" kind of procedure but only for an hour.

My experience was very pleasant from the receptionists, to the physician's assistant and to the doctor. However, a surgical assistant seemed too unhappy doing her job at such an early hour at this clinic.

In any case, my board certified face/neck plastic surgeon was an amiable young doctor who accommodated my sudden change of schedule as I did it while my spouse travelled out of the country. He earned extra points for that! My surgery was done very recently, middle of January 2009.

The only time I felt discomfort was when I was given the anasthesia shots around my ears. I did not have a neck procedure. The procedure went so fast that I actually wondered if he actually pulled something--in my rather nervous state of mind, I was convinced that he cut me and just stitched me back up again. However, my skin felt very tight when I left the clinic.

The other surgical assistant was very nice and bandaged me up and gave me specific instructions. The pain started hours later while I was resting at home but I managed it with the prescription and I had no other problem. I also took the antibiotic and drank plenty of pineapple juice.

I removed the bandages on the second day because it was tight and was annoying me. I noticed right away that the stitches were fine and I could tell right away that my doctor did a very good job. I had the stitches removed on the 7th day after the procedure. I was told that some sutures behind my ears will go away on their own. I asked about my funny looking ears, looking like they were pinned down and he said that will go back to normal; how about these hard areas of my neck--I said it looks like he left two cotton pads in there, he said that would go away too, and the hardness, numbness, and swelling - that will go away too.

Now, I had to tell him that I did my own research and although I could intellectualize the process would he mind telling me exactly what he did to me because I told him, that I am not convinced he did anything because it was so fast and I told him that had I asked just before the procedure, I was afraid I would get too spooked and leave so I said, now after the fact, I want to know what he did and he explained that he realigned the tissue underneath and as he pulled, skin pulled as well and then he cut the skin and stitched back.

Prior to my procedure, I actually saw an Internet animation of how a lower face lift (which, LSL is) is done on a website for plastic surgery so I have a very clear idea of what should have taken place, only that this was a quick procedure, compared to my first procedure which took hours and I had to be off work for 6 weeks. but I still wanted to know if my doctor did what I saw on the Internet .

Going back to the LSL, I recuperated at home for a week and I went back to work the morning after my stitches were taken out (7th day post op). I let my hair down and I had still a noticeable swelling but I was not uncomfortable at all. I feel some pain sometimes, much like the time he gave me the shots for the anasthesia but I can live with it. I am still swollen but the swelling on each side of my neck is gone, my ears look more natural and my scars are not visible. My doctor advised me to buy Vitamin E or use Mederma. I opted for the vitamin E, which I snip and I apply the oil directly on my scar. I have used the same routine when I had my midface lift 5 years ago. I drink a lot of water with a squeeze of lime juice.

Is there a marked difference that I can see? Thankfully, I did not get that "What did you do, you look awesome or different or anything comments?" And the reason is I did not have a dramatic problem. I went for "maintenance" and my results are very subtle. However, when my husband returned from his trip--I had to of course avoid his touching my face because I was worried he would be able to tell--he commented that I looked pretty, looking at my face. That horrified me! WHY? Because I do not want him to think about what I have done if any, or is his being away the result of such "serenity" on my part? Now, maybe you have already noticed, I have a great sense of humor and this has helped me deal with the little glitches that come my way.

I know that I am still waiting for the swelling to die down completely and everyday I look forward to seeing a little change leading to my final results. As in the past, it does not happen over two weeks. Final results vary and in my case, I always give it six months. The results may not be too obvious but your photos will not lie and I have been taking my own to see what I looked like before the surgery. I think I have just extended the life of my rejuvenated look!

Pros: downtime is very minimal (1 week compared to my 6 weeks for general anasthesia midface lift previously); you can lie about it and no one can tell, it is much cheaper than the mid/f lift, which cost me $15K; you can drive yourself!

Cons: None, so long as you have reasonable expectations, go to a board certified plastic surgeon, do your own research about the doctor and the procedure--use the Internet, google him/her, etc.; do what the doctor tells you to do, and be patient about your results.

Do not get this procedure done if you cannot give up smoking, alcohol, etc, or you hear voices in your head --it will not cure these bad habits and problems. Do this for yourself, not for anyone. When you go for your consultation, ask questions or at least ask them during your post-op if you are too scared to ask during the consult. Keep smiling.

Lifestyle Lift Bad Review: Lifestyle it is Nightmare Dream in my Life!

I had my procedure done August, 2007. I, too, had made the initial appointment for the consultation. I made it to happen during my lunch hour. When I got to the lobby, there were too many people in the room - there weren't enough chairs. I was upset and called back to re-schedule. I believe the consultation was in April - I put money down for a good faith deposit. They took my 'before'pictures' and made me look down to exagerate the skin on my neck. The surgery wasn't scheduled for several months.

When I came in for the lifestyle lift surgery, it was scheduled for 11:00am approx. They gave me the medication to go into a light sleep - said it would take about 5-10 minutes to take effect. I went into a twilight sleep and woke an hour later to find I had been in the room, by myself, and no surgery. Now fully awake, I went into the hallway and asked if I had been forgotten. There was then confusion as to what they would give me because the medicine had already been administered and I was wide awake. They gave me something else but I was awake for the whole procedure.

The doctor was running late from his last procedure. I was in the mortgage industry working as a Sr. Underwriter. We were talking about the market and he asked what my opinion was as he had a rental property in Philedalphia. I told him the market was not looking good. He seemed a little anxious but finished the procedure which came out OK on the left side of my face - the right side which included the liposuction on my neck was not so great. Under the right side of my jaw line, there was some fatty tissue that should have been removed like the left side.

I went home and followed their instructions to ice the area down and stay quiet for a while. I had a follow up appt in two days and the nurse(?) told me not to worry and that the skin was healing. I had a follow up appt from that one where the stitches were removed and the 'after' pictures were taken - this time with me looking upwards to eliminate any sagging.
Iwas still experiencing swelling and asked about that. I was told that sometimes it takes a year for everything to go into proper place.

In late August, 2008, I called the 800# on the website and the fellow I spoke with sent an email to the office where I had the procedure done. I told him that the scarring by my right ear seemed to be growing and it almost looked like another ear growing behind the one I already have. I also explained that I was still experiencing discomfort - the site itches, is hard to lay on and I am aware of it 24/7. He assured me that someone would call me back. No one ever did.

I later sent an email myself directly to the office where I had the procedure done. No one called me back. I called the office where I had it done and left a message for the manager. She never called me back. I sent another email to them yesterday and said this was urgent. I am looking for work and the first thing an interviewer looks at is the scar sticking out of the side of my face.

They never followed up with me after the stitches were out. Never sent the after photos - nothing. They got my money, spent an hour disfiguring me and I was on my own.

I would like to contact an attorney so if any of you are already working on this, please email me.

Lifestyle Lift Bad Review: Atlanta lifestyle lift did a procedure without discussing it with me and destroyed my face.

Pain: Severe
Lifestyle lift satisfaction: Poor
I do not recommend my Lifestyle lift provider.

I had the same Lifestyle lift procedure done 7 years ago and 7 days downtime. i am approaching 7 weeks and scars, knots size of my thumb under skin and sagging eye lids and hollow cheeks! why did they do this to me???

I have already spoken to 2 doctors that claim they cannot get my face to look the way it did. i only wanted to tighten the skin and undereye surgery. it is approaching 7 weeks and the corporate office called me and stated my procedure was a success. she doesn't have to walk around looking like a cartoon character!!!

I have taken pictures weekly of my procedure and it doesn't get better. it is wrong to tell clients one thing and do another on the face. my lift was done by {doctor information appears above the review - you must be signed in to view}. he was very angry and hateful when i stated i was unsatisfied. he called me a name and told me to get out of his office. one staff member has been most kind in their office but i think her hands are tied. when you do the surgery there, they refuse to refund so you can have reconstruction.

I was happy with my face. they are treating me horrible because i have complained. i was called unstable because i asked him why he did this procedure without first discussing it with me. i had already written him a thank you letter on the 2nd day and then i found myself using q tips to hold in the eye area. worst of all, they claim it is a success. we can only place our pictures on the web if they refuse to correct these procedures with another doctor.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lifestyle Lift Review: Cinderella for 2 months, then back to the pumpkin

Thanks for hearing my story: I've not been able to air my disappointments because I cannot hurt my husband after the hard-earned money we put into my selfish dream did not pan out (although I'm certain he has noticed but is too kind to mention). Just like all of you reading this, I used to look in the mirror and lift my sagging jowls and neck up and think how wonderful it would be to wave the magic wand, and... along comes LifeStyle...sign me up!

First visit: posh waiting area and consulting room, tentative PRE-op staff, I felt totally pampered. I was assured that my good skin made me a great candidate for a successful and long-lasting fix.

Day of surgery: once past the front room (and charge card signing) the story changed. Dirty floors, stacks of red plastic bags marked "human biotoxic waste"(yuck, FAT!!) in plain view piled high in corners, yawning unpersonable staff. The young surgeon was the exception, both personable and exuding confidence. Little did I know I'd never see him again. Next visits I was roughly treated by newly graduated med assistants yanking out stitches and "evacuating" fluids with a big syringe.

No more details to report, but the sad sum of it all: IT DIDN'T LAST. I looked great for two months, then the skin suddenly slackened and jowls and neck look pretty much like pre-op. I'm sure by the 7-month mark there will be no signs of my 2 months of glory. Moral of the story: save your money for a real facelift and do not allow yourself to be sold out to a quick-fix, impersonal, assembly-line procedure like this. Very Good Lifestyle Lift Cost!

Lifestyle Lifts Review: Look at my lifestyle lift nightmare! unhappy with scars and results

I went with a friend for the consult. The mrg walked in the room and introduced herself as a Lifestyle Lift Professional Medical Consultant. She told me that she needed us to watch a film about LSL. Which we did, and were impressed at the credentials they claimed.

The mgr came in the room after the film and ask me to stand before a mirror. She proceeded to stand behind me and take my face and pull it back while we both looked in the mirror. She stated that this is what you will look like after procedure. She also stated that depending on what I have done they can take, 10 and up to 20 years off patients faces with this minimal invasive procedure. The mgr reminded me that they have a 95% success rate, and that this is done under local anesthesia, so I would not be put under. This was a plus to me as from having a medical background I am aware of the danger of general anesthesia.

I ask about pain, and was told most people don't even have pain and sleep during procedure. I ask about scars and she told me they would be hidden and minimal. I was told that if I signed up today I would save $1200. I paid almost half down that day and paid rest in full at day of procedure in cash. I was also that day taken into a plush waiting room offered cookies, juice, coffee, etc. This will make a point later on to readers.

The day of the procedure I was taken to the back room and given a 10mg valium. Later as they were waiting for the valium to take effect a woman came in the room and ask me to sign a consent form. I have no idea what I signed. Then the Dr. came in the room. I had not met this Dr. before the day of surgery. The mgr came in the room and said I am going to hold your hand. I was told this was like being at the dentist. I was also told that it will be quick like 45 minutes to an hour. I was also told Dr. C is quick so it may not take that long.

Then Dr. began to inject my face starting with chin with extremely painful injections -- there were so many I lost count. The shots were horrible. I was told at this point that this was the worst part. I began to shake and the valium was not effective at all.

Dr. C then cut under my chin. I thought "Hey nobody told me about this!" Then he stuck a metal rod in my chin, I wanted to scream as this rod ran against my jaw bone and down the front of my neck. I yelled I feel this! Dr. C said you are doing well and that he has had to stop surgeries before because some people pass out. He then injected my face with more needles. I felt a warm wetness between my breast and realized later that it was my blood that was going down my blouse, even with the drape they had on me. My thought at this point was my God! What are they doing! This is not going to be a one hour lunch time procedure and not minor at all!

The Dr. told me to be still as he turned my head and begin to cut into my face. Blood filled my ears I couldn't hear on that side, they kept using something to clean my ears, but as soon as they did the blood would fill my ear up again. The smell was horrifying! It was the smell of my flesh and hair burning. I still get sick to my stomach when I think about it. I wanted to run! scream! something! The Dr. gave me no comfort, he began to state how in his private office he gives what is called a twilight sleep.

At the end of the procedure I was weak and shaking uncontrollably, the MA or whatever she was kept asking me if I was ok. No! I was not ok, I was sick, I was terrified, I felt like I was going to faint. The girl gave a juice drink after my face was wrapped, and a RX of Vicoden ES 1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours, and a RX for ambien to help me sleep. Then I was quickly wisked out the back door.

Later that evening the medication wore off and I was in horrible pain. I have had 3 major back surgeries two C-sections and a shoulder surgery in my past and this was incredible. My face bleed through the bandages and covered my pillow with blood. I sat up in the bed and rocked back and forth thinking my God I should be in the hospital or something! "This can't be right."

Needless to say I called the office with no return calls the next day. It was if I had dropped off the planet earth once they got my money. Before I had the surgery they called constantly, now I couldn't even get a call back. I insisted to talk to someone. When I did I was told this is normal.

I went back to have my stitches removed and was told everything was fine, even though I had these knots all over my jowl and neck area with swelling, and oozing stiches. (I was never told about any knots or oozing before I decided to have this procedure.) Nor did I see a Dr. that day. I ask the tech are you sure these stitches can come out, she said yes they have to or you will scar. She then told me to message my neck and the lumps would go away and to start using a scar cream. She gave me a mirror and my husband was with me when the sutures were removed and she said how do you like it. I didn't have time to answer when my husband interrupted and said she was beautiful before and what have you done to my wife!

My husband was in such disbelief day one of surgery when I came home he took a picture. The next day when bandages came off he gasp and said "My God what have they done to my wife!" He was mortified. I assured him it will get better. (Hey they promised me it would) I heard him from my bed on the phone with his mother and others saying they butchered her. (Some things in life you never want to hear and that was one of them.)

It didn't get better only worse. I have been called Frankenhead, scarface, etc. I don't go out unless I have to. I don't go to my husbands work functions or social places anymore. I am ashamed. I have an infection that at this point no one knows what is causing it, and am told I will probably end up in hospital on IV therapy. Antibiotics start to lessen the swelling then full force it comes back. Last time I saw Dr. C 7/09 I said fix this, he said I can't I don't even know what this infection is.

Note: My last visit was almost 4 months post op. There were many people in the office waiting for the procedure. They would not let me in the waiting room. They quickly wisked me into another room. Then quickly out the back door after seeing Dr and office Mgr.

The Mgr said oh it is not that bad. My reply was, well if it is not that bad let me go in the waiting room and show my face and see how many people out there decide to stay. She said no not all people heal the same, and you are the only one with a complaint. I reminded her that I have had surgeries before and pulled my pants down in the back area surgical site and showed her my back scar which you can barely see. Then I said next excuse.

I wish I had went to that waiting room, I wish I could have saved all those innocent people from the lies. I requested my pictures ASAP or I was going to come & sit in their waiting room until I got them. They sent my pictures, all dark and hard to see and I am still waiting on my medical records!

I plan to pursue this with all my heart, soul, and mind. I want to join with others who have went through this living hell, as they must be stopped. Realself, thank you for being here and allowing us to be able to warn other women of what can happen to you if you choose this procedure. God Bless.

Bad reviews about Lifestyle Lift: evidently i am one of the lucky ones

I had my Lifestyle Lift along with upper & lower eyes and the additional neck tightening procedure done February 9, 2009. So I am writing this about six weeks after everything was done.

Immediately following the procedure I experience swelling and bruising, which is fairly normal. The pain I experienced however was awful! The pain meds I was given hardly made a difference. I am no baby either. I had this Lifestyle Lift procedure done because ten years ago I had gastric by-pass surgery to lose weight so I could have a hip replacement done. I lost 186 pounds, and had the replacement done! I am familiar with surgical pain. My main reason for having this procedure was the removal of the "turkey waddle" I had hanging from beneath my chin because of the massive weight loss from my gastric by-pass. The eyes and mid face lift to me where just "vanity add-ons" but I wanted it all so that I looked younger and felt better about myself. The weight loss left me looking so much older I had self image problems!

To the point. The surgical procedure to me was a nightmare and extremely traumatic. I was constantly being administered more of the local anesthesia because I was not staying numb. But the WORST for me was that I could see and hear everything! It was traumatic. Hearing the muscle being sliced, seeing the tools, hearing the doctors and the assistants, hearing the liposuction sucking the fat from the jowls, feeling the jabbing pressure. NOT GOOD!

Following the procedure I spent the night in a hotel because I had driven 2 hours to the city where the closest clinic was located. No sleep - much pain. Follow-up with the doctor the following day was short, short, short! She changed the bandaging and told me to return in two weeks, if I could. Well of course I could!!! Who, in their right mind wouldn't????

At home I faithfully followed the post-op instruction sheet. My partner helped me and if anything we went overboard on keeping the incisions cleaned and covered. I kept the neck wrap on 24 hours a day for the first three (not just the two weeks recommended) and then slept in the wrap for the remainder of five weeks after the procedure. I took the round of Z-pack (Zithromax) that I was prescribed. However the pain - Oh goodness! NOT GOOD AT ALL! My ears hurt so badly I couldn't get comfy - I slept in a recliner for three straight weeks. There was a place on my right temple that at times I would experience such a sharp stabbing pain that I thought something had struck me. The wrap around my face and under my chin went over my oh so painful ears but I did it anyway and took pain meds so I could. I knew that the skin had to re-attach itself to the underlying muscles and tissue. I wasn't going to risk having that awful turkey waddle back in any way!

The Zithromax didn't keep the infection away and I knew enough to call the Lifestyle Lift clinic and tell them immediately. They gave me more pain meds (stronger) and another round of antibiotic (not a Z-pack) to take for another ten days. Still, I had the lower edge of the incision in front of my left ear open up. I kept it very clean and covered. I emailed a picture of the wound to the clinic manager and she gave it to my surgeon. I did receive a reply via a phone call from the clinic telling me to continue with what I was doing and stating that my smoking had most likely caused this. (Funny but all my other incisions were healing quite nicely - how come my light smoking effected only this ONE spot????)

At my next follow up, the Dr. blew into the room, looked at the wound, stated that she could not stitch it closed because the tissue was too fragile. She said to continue what I was doing, she also hypothesized that the stabbing pain I was experiencing was a migraine (?) that my hair looked great (?) and the assistant would remove my stitches. She then blew-out of the room, never to return. The scared silly young lady who tried to remove all my stitches was inexperienced and ill trained, bless her heart. She missed a number of stitches and was shaky, worrying that she was hurting me...I was (and still am) without feeling in the areas she was working so she couldn't hurt me.

When I finished my second round of antibiotics, I still felt that there was infection so I made an appointment with my family physician. My wonderful family doctor immediately prescribed another Z-pack and told me to continue with the pain meds, and the topical antibiotic crème.

I had another appointment with the Lifestyle Lift Dr in two weeks (my six week follow-up) Between the time I saw my family doctor and returning to Lifestyle Lift my daughter, who is a nursing student came to visit. One look at the wound in front of my ear and she asked "why in the world I was keeping it covered all the time?" She went on to say that the healing process requires air to dry the wound allowing it to scab over and heal from the inside out. By keeping it covered all the time I was creating a warm, moist environment for bacteria to grow."

Well, thinking back I knew that was true because of my own first aid training, however I found it strange that at NO TIME did the Lifestyle Lift Dr. tell me to uncover the wound for even a little time much less even mention uncovering the spot at all. When I did uncover it, the scabbing occurred and by the time I went back to Lifestyle Lift the Dr. wiggled the skin around the area and said that yes it was closed and healing (she knocked off the scab) and that it might scar. I asked her what she would do about that because I did not pay $8500 for a scarred hole in front of my ear or the still loose skin under my chin (not a waddle but, not smooth either!) Dr. W said that she could remove the scar if after six months it was still bad enough to bother me and that some neck - firming crème might help tighten up the crepe-like skin under my chin. (Hey, if that had worked I wouldn't have paid thousands of dollars for surgery!!!) But she didn't give me any names of neck firming topical nor did she write any prescriptions. She did mention that I might look into a Dr who did laser firming in my hometown (more $$$ out of my pocket!!)

After sitting for over an hour in the separate waiting room for post-surgical people and talking to five others who had used the same Dr. I must admit that only one other man (of Latino descent) and myself (Caucasian) looked decent. One woman's ears had a quarter of an inch height difference and a big fold in one ear lobe that she stated wasn't there prior to the surgery. Her face and the face of another African-American lady looked as though they were pre-surgical NOT post-surgical! Both were really angry and upset! In my opinion they had every right to be upset. The other lady in the waiting room had awful scarring around the ears, jowls that were still prominent, and many large, deep wrinkles around the mouth (smile lines) - it was bad!

If I had known about this web-sight, had thought about the difference in local and general anesthesia (hearing and seeing everything) I certainly would have spent the extra money, gone to a board certified plastic surgeon and had this done in a hospital setting under general anesthesia. Also, I caught an interview on television with the "inventor" and founder of Lifestyle Lift . He stated that the optimal age for someone to have this procedure is in their late 40's early 50's - At NO time was this fact mentioned to any of the people in the waiting room that I spoke with nor was I told this.

Even though my resuults are FAR better than those I encountered in the post-op waiting room or have seen on this web-site I still am not 100% happy and I would NEVER encourage anyone else to undergo this procedure with this company!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Treatment Options for Psoriasis

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition involving the accumulation of large patches of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. The most common complaints associated with psoriasis are pain, discomfort, unsightly skin patches and, in severe cases, movement difficulties.

Whereas normal skin cells mature and shed about once a month, psoriasis causes the body to shed skin cells in some areas every three to four days. This creates a build up of old skin cells that irritate the new skin below and eventually begin to flake off. Affected areas of the skin may be red and scaly (“silvery” scales are common), may appear dry and cracked, and will likely become itchy or painful. The condition is sometimes associated with arthritis and can cause joint pain and stiffness.

According to the National Psoriasis Foundation and U.S. National Library of Medicine, the exact cause of psoriasis is not known, although the condition appears to be passed down through families. Psoriasis is assumed to be an immune system disorder and several factors seem to trigger outbreaks, including infections, damage to the skin, changing seasons, stress, prescription medications and the use of tobacco or alcohol.

Psoriasis is not only a cosmetic condition. This disease carries with it some significant psychological and emotional effects as well. People with psoriasis often suffer from a negative self-image and believe that they are treated differently from others because of their appearance. They may tend to avoid social situations and recreational activities due to fear of rejection. Because psoriasis seems to be worsened by stress, and having psoriasis is stressful in and of itself, a vicious cycle can be created that perpetuates both the psychological effects of the condition and the severity of the condition.

Can It Be Treated?

For years, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons have struggled to find ways to cure psoriasis. Unfortunately, a cure is still not available. With the help of cutting-edge treatment options, though, psoriasis can certainly be managed. However, what works for one patient will not necessarily work for another. So it’s important to approach treatment with an open mind, realistic expectations and the patience to try multiple approaches until your doctor finds the right method to treat your condition.

Treatment options for psoriasis include topical creams, behavioral modifications, dietary changes and medications. Your doctor will likely recommend a combination of several therapies in order to maximize your benefit. Still, until recently, no single treatment or combination therapy has been able to completely stop symptoms from occurring.

However, new laser technologies have even enabled doctors to eliminate the symptoms of psoriasis completely (albeit temporarily), relieving the pain, discomfort and cosmetic effects associated with the condition for an extended period of time. For the first time, psoriasis patients have the potential to be able to live essentially symptom-free for a stretch of several months.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Treatment?

Laser treatment is showing excellent results. In fact, the National Psoriasis Foundation cites anecdotal evidence of patients achieving total freedom from their psoriasis for up to eight months after treatment, but admits that little long-term data is available and that results will vary. Because a small, targeted light beam is used, only the affected skin is treated—surrounding tissue is left unharmed. This helps speed the healing process and keep discomfort to a minimum. In most cases, laser treatment yields results more quickly than topical medications and the results are often much more dramatic.

What Are the Risks?

All medical procedures come with some degree of risk and laser psoriasis treatment is no exception. Laser treatments are generally associated with minimal risk although adverse effects are sometimes reported. The most common side effects are redness and blistering at the treated sites.

Of course, there is always the chance that the treatment will not yield the dramatic results you may be hoping for. Because psoriasis is a chronic condition, you can expect it to return eventually. Your results may be relatively long-lasting after laser treatment, but there is a possibility that your condition will worsen again shortly after your procedure. Laser treatment is most effective on those patients with mild to moderate psoriasis. Those with more severe symptoms will likely see an improvement in, but not the complete elimination of, their psoriasis.

The Bottom Line

No one should have to suffer the physical pain and psychological effects of psoriasis when such effective treatment methods are available. Management of your condition may be the only thing standing in the way of you and the healthy, happy, socially active lifestyle you dream of.

Face Lift - Risks of This Type of Surgery

If you know much about plastic surgery, you know that there are some risks involved. No matter how many surgeries go perfectly, yours could be the one that is messed up. After all, no doctor is perfect. Despite the low incidence of permanent injury with surgeries like a face lift, there is always a small risk of something going wrong. Learn what the possible hazards are before committing to the procedure. You will likely find that though there are issues that may come up, the risk of them is worth the outcome.

Most risks are temporary and will fade within weeks of the surgery, if not days. A reaction to the anesthesia is one somewhat common ailment, and is marked by nausea. It should subside within hours, so don't worry if you get this. You should also expect some bleeding after the procedure, but any excessive bleeding over what your doctor warned you about should be looked at.

Also related to bleeding is a hematoma. It is bleeding under the skin, and can result in swelling. This will usually not go away on its own, and you may need surgery to stop the bleeding. Again, alert your doctor if you notice any abnormal swelling in the treated area.

Though the scarring from a face lift is often minimal and hidden from view, you might have more scars than desired. Most doctors will do their best to conceal them, but none can guarantee an absence of scarring. It depends on the number and size of incisions necessary, which might only be discovered during the surgery.

Aside from scarring, you might also have some crust and redness around the incisions, but this should all be temporary. Just in case, it is often best to schedule about a week for healing after the face lift so that you do not have to cover up your incisions when you leave the house. Hair loss around the incisions is also a risk, but it should simply grow back soon.

Any surgery has risks, both temporary and permanent. However, the small chance of something happening is usually worth it to most patients. If you want to see a noticeable difference in your appearance, a face lift is likely the best way to do so. You can look both younger and healthier with this simple treatment. A good method of minimizing the hazards of this procedure is to research well enough to find the best doctors possible.

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Face Lift - Choosing the Right Procedure

Whether or not to have a face lift is a big decision. There can be a variety of reasons for wanting one, and many choices as to what kind of surgery to have. This type of surgery has been being performed in one way or another for decades, and improvements as well as new innovative procedures are being developed all the time. If you've decided that this is what you want, one of your next important decisions is to decide how you want it done.

Your Particular Needs: Not all faces are created equal, which is why there isn't just one standard type of face lift. It's important to take inventory of what you're not happy about when it comes to your face, and what you would like changed. It's not enough to simply decide that you want to look better; you should make a detailed list. Would you like something done about the bags under your eyes? Are the lines around your mouth too deep? Are your eyelids starting to sag? When you're consulting with a surgeon, the more you can pinpoint what you want, the easier it is to come to a decision on the type of procedure.

Choosing Your Surgeon: Choosing your surgeon is arguably the most important decision when it comes to your face lift. You can start with asking for a recommendation from your regular doctor, but it's also a good idea to check with some plastic surgery organization hotlines. By doing this you can get information about some cosmetic surgeons in your area, including such things as their certifications, experience and specialties. Once you think you've found the right one, schedule a consultation. Write down any questions that you might have before your consultation so that you won't forget to ask any of them.

After Your Procedure: It's important to keep in mind that you need to be a part of the entire process, including knowing how to care for yourself afterward. For your procedure to be as successful as possible, you have to do your part. Follow your doctor's post-surgery instructions to the letter, and don't hesitate to call if you think something may be wrong.

If you approach it responsibly from beginning to end, the face lift procedure that you decide on can be a positive thing that helps you to look better and feel better. With all of the improvements that have been made to these types of procedures over the years, you can feel confident about finding what will work best for you.

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Lifestyle Lifts Problems

Found in one of the forums:
My girlfriend and I just got back from Dallas last week having done the Lifestyle LIft Cost. We opted for this because of the "no general anesthesia".
It was a more involved procedure than we expected. She had lipo under the chin, I did not.
Her pain was greater the first night. She had more bruising. We don't know how anyone could go back to work the next day. We stayed in our hotel room for 3 days - never left it. Had the maid clean the bathroom only. Lived on milk-shakes, yogurt and oatmeal, becuase we couldn't open our mouths very wide. Each day got better. There were more stitches then I expected. They are actually "inside the ear edge" behind the ear and around the hairline toward the nape. The procedure was totally painless - but 2 hours later that all changed. My fiend is having her sutures out today - even as we speak. Mine are due out Monday. Both the doctors at the Dallas office are superb. Both are plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Not cosmetic surgeons. So far it looks good. supposedly this is to last longer than the usual lift. I would never do it again. But as of right now I have no regrets. I'm thinking I should have asked more questions. By the way Im 62. You don't walk out with a band-aid or steri-strip. You walk out with a head wrap. When I questioned my surgeon about that he said that there had been complaints about the "quickie" procedure with steri strips...etc. regarding results.
And that now other offices are retraining their doctors to use the full bandage...and I advised them to read their own website and make adjustments. I have no idea how anyone can get addicted to plastic surgery. Hope this helps....

Facelifts, LifeStyle Lift and Facial Aging

My office often gets asked if we perform the 'LifeStyle Lift', 'S-Lift', and a variety of other names that end in -lift. The callers and patients don't know, of course, that all these names really refer to the same procedure, otherwise known as a limited facelift. Their interest is peaked by the allure of improvement in sagging jowls or loose neck skin but without the downtime of a full facelift.

The confusion comes from a general misunderstanding of what a facelift is or actually achieves. Most patients envision a facelift as a procedure that starts at the top of the head and ends somewhere below the neck. Visions of weeks of seclusion, obscene facial swelling and bruising, and ruinous financial strain make many patients feel that they definitely don't want a facelift. They don't understand that a facelift is really a misnamed procedure. A more accurate description of what it a necklift or a jowl-necklift. A facelift, in isolation, does very little above the jawline or for most of the face. Only the neck and jowl line are changed from this procedure. Patients will often have other rejuvenating procedures done at the same time as their facelift such as on the eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, and chin. While these procedures are complementary to a facelift, they themselves do not constitute the facelift operation. As a stand-alone procedure, a facelift is really about the neck and jowls and creating a sharper neck angle and a clean jowl line again.

Therefore, a limited facelift is a scaled down version of the full facelift. It has gotten, for a variety of marketing purposes, many catchy names as previously mentioned. Naming the procedure is commonly done by some plastic surgeons. But, in the end, there are all the same procedure. A limited facelift Meaning the length of the incisions used (in front of the ear), how much skin is undermined and removed, and the amount of subsequent after surgery care and recovery is much less than a full facelift. And the important thing to understand here is....the outcome is also not as significant as that of a full facelift. For this reason, limited facelifts are best done are younger facial aging concerns or on older patients who only want a smaller facelift for recovery or economic reasons.

Today, nearly one-half of the facelifts I do are of the limited variety. They are very popular due to their quick recovery, lack of pain, and minimal swelling and bruising. They are a great stopgap measure that will substantially delay the need for a facelift is some patients and may, in others, potentiallhy eliminate the long-term need for a full facelift. Whe combined with other small face procedures, such as eye tucks and peels, they really make a nice change with no chance of getting that 'operated look.'

What We Know About Lifestyle Lift

As people age, the effects of gravity, exposure to the sun, and the stresses of daily life can be seen in their faces. Deep creases form between the nose and mouth; the jawline grows slack and jowly; folds and fat deposits appear around the neck.

If you're considering cosmetic enhancement, this website will give you a basic understanding of the procedures when it can help, how it's performed, and what results you can expect. It can't answer all of your questions, since a lot depends on the individual patient and the surgeon. Please ask your doctor about anything you don't understand.

As people age, the effects of gravity, exposure to the sun, and the stresses of daily life can be seen in their faces. Deep creases form between the nose and mouth; the jawline grows slack and jowly; folds and fat deposits appear around the neck.

A facelift (technically known as rhytidectomy) can't stop this aging process. What it can do is "set back the clock," improving the most visible signs of aging by removing excess fat, tightening underlying muscles, and redraping the skin of your face and neck. A facelift can be done alone, or in conjunction with other procedures such as a forehead lift, eyelid surgery, or nose reshaping.

If you're considering a facelift, this website will give you a basic understanding of the procedure when it can help, how it's performed, and what results you can expect. It can't answer all of your questions, since a lot depends on the individual patient and the surgeon. Please ask your surgeon about anything you don't understand.

What is the Lifestyle Lift?

The Lifestyle Lift is an innovative procedure that can greatly reduce the signs of aging around your face and neck. Specifically, the Lifestyle Lift can reduce or eliminate deep wrinkles and creases, loose skin, sagging or baggy eyes, the "turkey neck" phenomenon, hanging jowls, and other signs of aging.

The Lifestyle Lift is especially remarkable in that most people require only a few days before being able to return to full activities - and some heal even faster! The Lifestyle Lift takes around an hour to complete, and has earned the reputation of being a procedure that can be done "on your lunch break."

The Lifestyle Lift - Leading the New Wave of Minimally Invasive Procedures

With beauty treatments becoming equally attractive to both men and women, an increasing number of people are opting for some type of procedure or the other. None, however, have the time to spend on post procedure recovery, and so non-invasive beauty procedures like Thermage, Botox, Restylane and a host of other dermal fillers besides laser skin-rejuvenation treatments, the in-thing. In the UK alone, Non-Invasive Procedures are estimated to be a £900 million industry that was predicted to top £1 billion in 2008.

Check your doctor out

Before you finalize on a doctor, it is important to remember that Minimally Invasive Procedures are also procedures and require immense skill. The first thing to check with your doctor is whether he/she is board certified and to even review the certification. Secondly, find out if the doctor is well versed with the kind of procedure you plan to have performed. You might also want double check on the doctor by trawling the net and asking to speak to other patients who have had the same procedure you plan to have.

Are you a good candidate?

Another important issue to know is whether you indeed make a good candidate. This means that you need to be certain that you are physically and emotionally fit for the procedure. Besides, you must also have the right motivation and realistic expectations from the outcome. Those with correct expectations have been mighty pleased to loose anywhere from 10 to 15 years of their wrinkles and sagging skin.

Lifestyle Lift - an excellent option

A preliminary research on the Web will indicate to most people looking for a Minimally Invasive Procedure that Lifestyle Lift® is an excellent option. Having facilities in over 30 states of the US, all of which are staffed by a keen and rigorously trained team of 80 doctors, there is no other safer place you’d rather head to for the perfect procedure. All the doctors at Lifestyle Lift either have, or are eligible for, board certification. Additionally, safety is uppermost on the minds of the Lifestyle Lift doctors – demonstrated by the simple but vital shift to local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia.

The team of doctors at the Lifestyle Lift Centers prevent people from rushing into a procedure, taking them through consultation, preparing them psychologically, letting them know very clearly what to expect and investing time in building the client-doctor rapport. This allows clients to come in for the procedure feeling comfortable and confident.

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Breast Cancer Treatment, reach it by making lifestyle changes

Treating the root cause or causes of breast cancer is far more important than treating the obvious immediate symptoms. Treating only symptoms, which is the cancer growth will simply cover up the real underlying problem and will cause the problem to return or to spread to another area. A genuine cure will look for the reasons why the cancer first appeared and address those reasons and that will allow the body to permanently heal.
The words breast cancer scares people and someone newly diagnosed with the disease will blindly follow authority without stopping and applying a bit of common sense. What they need is information on the subject so they can make informed decisions on their best treatment options based on knowledge. There are many facts that are known about breast cancer but you are seldom told.

Breast cancer doesn't just happen; it is the result of something you did, so it makes sense that it can be corrected also. To successfully overcome a diagnosis of breast cancer it is much more important to look for the reasons why it occurred in the first place and address those reasons. When you remove the factors that caused the problem the body through the immune system has a natural tendency to heal itself and will remove the cancer without it spreading or returning.

Our bodies are continuing trying to heal themselves and that is with the aid of our built in repair system which is the immune system. Right through life our immune system keeps us healthy as it repairs cuts and bruises, broken bones, infections, diseases and also cancer. But it needs a little help and only you can do that and that is by eating the food that's been designed for human consumption and removing the everyday food items that have contributed to the problem.

Breast cancer is simply a disease of a weak immune system, that's been weakened by the way we now live, especially with our wrong food choices. These are foods that use refined flour and sugar, also the consumption of too much animal fat, salt, caffeine, and alcohol. Lifestyle factors may include constant worry, anger, fear, frustration. Also the chemicals that affect us and they are chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, smoking, and all drugs. All these factors contribute to breast cancer.

There are only natural ways to strengthen the immune system and that is to eat freshly grown fruit and vegetables everyday, most of which have cancer fighting properties, make sure you get adequate rest and sleep, fresh air, sunshine, exercise and lastly a positive attitude towards life which is very important.

Breast cancer is an entirely curable disease but a person must take central responsibility for his or her own health and have an active involvement in the healing process. A change in the way you live is essential, especially with the food you eat because all those factors are the causes of breast cancer today.