Friday, February 1, 2008

Female breast photography

Myths about a beautiful female breast.

Breast photography1. The breast increases after sex. During exercise of sex the blood flow of a breast improves, and mammary glands slightly swell. But, unfortunately, after all returned into their position.

2. The breast grows from cabbage. By doctors and scientists a long time ago determined that any diet does not conducive to the growth of mammary glands. Exception is beer (beer yeast) from it the person so quickly adds in weight, that also the simultaneously grows breast.

3. Silicone breast insensitive. Installing implants does not influence on the sensitivity of the female breast - tested in women!

4. Breast can be "inflated" in a sports hall. The female breast consists of the skin, hypodermic fat layer, mammary gland and pectoral muscle. If even inflated muscle, it will change only its upper part, but not the whole breast.

5. In a small breast there is less than milk. By assurances mammologists and feeding mothers is a myth. Direct dependence on the size is unknown.

"Female breast photography"

Female breast photography Female breast photography
Female breast photography Female breast photography
Female breast photography Female breast photography


Stifler said...

Why I do not see the female breast photography?

Balgur said...

female breast photography... hm... intresting... I agree with information in article

Anonymous said...

Beautiful breast photography!! BEAUTIFUL BREAST!

Anonymous said...

cabbage was a old wives tale to cure lumpy breasts..

Anonymous said...

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