Friday, February 15, 2008

Freelance Photography Jobs

You love photography? How you would like to do it for a living? Freelance photography as a career is a great option and many people are now getting into freelance photography from home.

Freelance Photography involves getting paid for your photos! You can work as a photographer, be your own boss, and sell your photos online or offline. Sometimes you might work on assignment for big companies or magazines, and you might even get some all expenses paid trips. Freelance photography is an enjoying and satisfying career.
One of the draw cards of photography as a creative career path is that it has few physical boundaries and it offers enormous variety. A successful freelance career is an achievable reality for talented photographers with an excellent portfolio, good business sense and the ability to establish good contacts and build a solid client base. While some photographers choose to work in-house, freelancing allows for greater freedom of expression, control over where, when and how you work and offers lifestyle flexibility.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

Contrary to popular belief you do not need to purchase special printers or expensive photography equipment to be a freelance photographer. Years ago that might have been the case but all you really need to get started is a digital camera and an internet connection.
Thanks to the Internet there are opportunities for freelance photographers that are predominantly digital and online. All of the pictures you take will be uploaded directly to the Internet!

Is It A Full-Time Career?

Freelance photography is something you can either do full-time or part-time. It is really up to you how many hours you put into it. Many freelance photographers stay working in a regular job while they get started. This allows them to build up their freelance photography business and portfolio, and start earning some income from their photos, before making the decision to work full-time in freelance photography.

So what does it take to stake a claim in the field of professional photography?

As well as talent, on-the-job training, relevant work experience or a specialized skill or knowledge like a architecture or a background in computer science can also be an advantage. Job-related technology is growing rapidly and you will probably be expected to have a good working knowledge of computer editing software as well as photographic techniques. As a freelancer, you will must also be capable of running a business including: bidding for work, preparing contracts, release permission, licensing issues, copyright, work/project pricing and general administration.

What Photos Should I Take?

Freelance photographers take many types of photos, from portraits to landscapes to architecture to houses and cars. You will discover that some areas of freelance photography are much more lucrative than others. When it comes to shooting good stock photography the real secret lies in know how to take photos that will sell not just once, but time and time again.

Think about it. Working as a freelance photographer to pay off your debts or earn a little extra spending money. Earning cash from your camera could be a great way to pay for your next camera lens or even your next digital camera.

There are numerous opportunities for freelance photographers including:

portrait work
the Internet
advertising agencies
electronic journals
commercial/industrial photography
stock photo

That should give you some ideas, but there are many more possibilities. And with increasing demand for photographers and advances in technology, these opportunities are expanding. So if you want to enjoy the rewards available to talented freelance professionals, start planning your move today.

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