Sunday, September 14, 2008



An interesting demonstration of the qualities of carbon and Ozo-brome printing is now offered in the exhibition of photographs by these printing which is being held at the Camera Club, 17, John Street, Adelphi, London, W C. The prints are provided "by the Autotype Company, which now, as we gather from a circular, is the manufacturer and purveyor of materials for the Ozo-brome process. A very great range of photographic- effects shows the corresponding capacity of the carbon process to render in the fullest way the quality in negatives of most diverse subjects. Coming away from the rooms of the Camera Club, one mentally contrasts the beautifully romantic effects in a low key, such as many of these of Mr. Alex. Keighley, or to select an equally hue example, the "Stygian Shore" (No. 22) of Mr. Summons as we say, one contrasts these prints with the high-key studies of translucent ice which are shown by toe Australasian Antarctic expedition. Nothing, perhaps, could better exhibitions versatility of the carbon process, not only its capacity for tone rendering, but equally its choice of color appropriate to the subject. The exhibition contains some 4 portraiture by Craig Annan, Malcolm Abuthnot, and the Earl of Carparvon. The Ozo-brome process is represented by only a few examples, bat these show very charming landscape work by its inventor, Mr. Thomas Manly. The exhibition remains open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. until April 30, and on April 24 a demonstration of carbon printing will be given at 8 p.m. by Mr. A. C. Braham. Tickets of admission to this fixture may be obtained on application to the Secretary of the club, or to the Autotype Company. 74. New Oxford Street. London, W. C. I.


An exhibition of photographs, presented under the title "War in the Air." by the Royal Air Force is now being held at the Grafton Galleries. New Bond Street, London, W. In interest and in the photographic quality of the coloured enlargements it is certainly the finest of the war photographs exhibitions which have been held. Who ever is responsible for "potting on" the exhibition it is evidently someone with a keen sense of the kind of subject which will interest the public. There must have been an immense amount of spade work done in making the selection from the enormous made of photography accumulated by the R.A.F. Here, however, we see for the fist time some of the achievements which have brought abort Great Britain's superiority in the air. Perhaps the chief of these, of which a number of photographs are to be found in different parts of the exhibition, is the now famous "hush" ship the "Furious." with its immense upper deck of size to receive a squadron of aero planes and still find roam for an airship or as. One of the photographs shows the operation of the tackle employed in raising a machine from it’s under deck hangar. There are some, striking pictures of the operations of the R.A.F. in Palestine in the shape of prints showing Turkish troops scattering in the hopeless attempt to escape the British airmen's bombs. Some photographs taken obliquely from the air of such well known places as Edinburgh and Trafalgar Square show the great usefulness of each photography for topographical purposes. A note in the catalogue mentions that the enlargements and their coloring again owe their quality to Means. Raines and Co., of Ealing. The exhibition remains open until the end of May, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on week-days and 2.30 to 5JO on Sundays. The charge for admission is one shilling, the proceeds going to various charities connected with the

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