Monday, February 22, 2010

Advice After Lifestyle Lift Procedure

As we age and grow older, certain physical events take place: skin begins to sag, eyes begin to droop, and deep wrinkles begin to develop. These can start to occur at a relatively young age, and many people feel as though they're appearance doesn't accurately reflect how they feel.

That's where Lifestyle Lift comes in. With the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure, these signs of aging can be greatly reduced or eliminated to leave a natural, younger looking you in their place. It is ideal for those in their 40s through 60s who don't need a full, traditional face lift, but who still want to look as young as they feel.

After the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure, there are steps that can be taken to preserve your new youthful appearance. Other options include:

1. Limit Exposure to the Sun

The sun can have damaging effects on your face! Limit your exposure to the sun. And when you have to be in the sun, always be sure to wear a hat or sunblock. Exposure to the sun can cause deep creases and wrinkles, which can be significantly reduced by the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure.

2. Eat Healthy

Believe it or not, your diet can have a considerable effect on your skin and the speed with which you age. Eating a balanced diet can help preserve the new healthy appearance you gain through the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure.

3. Don't Smoke

Beyond the obvious health risks associated with smoking, the habit can also cause smokers to age more quickly and at a faster rate than non-smokers. In order to keep your youthful new look gained by the Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure, don't start smoking. And if you smoke now, now is the time to quit!

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