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Lifestyle Lift Q&A: Questions and Answers

Why consider facial rejuvenation?

Nowadays, being careful in our physiques is not easy. Loaded agendas, loss of focus, an unbalanced diet, insufficient sufficient relaxation along with other stress-related factors result in a general unhealthy lifestyle. Premature aging, like the appearance of jowls, frown lines and facial lines, plagues lots of people. Even though some surgical procedures promise to assist overcome these signs and symptoms, they're frequently hazardous, extensive and costly. Fortunately, Lifestyle Lift® has transformed everything. It is a revolutionary process of a brand new generation.

Those who are troubled by premature aging along with other cosmetic problems may take one step toward significantly enhancing these problems. Lifestyle Lift® is really a safe, affordable and quick procedure produced by Dr. David Kent in 2001. It's an option to traditional facelifts and triumphs over major problems that these methods present. It utilizes only local (rather than general) anesthesia, which makes it a safer, faster approach. Those who have gone through the process can return to their normal programs rapidly, in stark contrast to traditional surgery, which takes a recovery period varying from the couple of days to some couple of several weeks.

Carried out solely with a Lifestyle Lift surgeon, it is made to improve sagging jowls, frown lines, facial lines and loose skin around the neck and face. It had been produced like a more effective and simpler method to address these concerns than the usual more extensive procedure.

Some patients have been in their 40s to 60s, the astounding outcomes of the life-style Lift aren't age-related. So if you're thinking about reducing signs of aging via a facelift or cosmetic surgery, you might be best obtaining a Lifestyle Lift.

What's the Lifestyle Lift?

The Lifestyle Lift is really a non-invasive facelift method that provides maximum results. Made to fit active life styles, the process takes around an hour. Using more than 100,000 effective methods, three major the best-selling Lifestyle Lift on the traditional facelift have grown to be obvious:
  1. The Lifestyle Lift is easily carried out under local anesthesia, therefore staying away from the disadvantages and perils of general anesthesia.
  2. Time to recover following the process is quick, with minimal discomfort, swelling and bruising. The Lifestyle Lift is less invasive than the usual traditional facelift, a lot of patients go back to work for only a couple of days rather than longer.
  3. The Lifestyle Lift is much more affordable. 

What does the Lifestyle Lift do? 

When individuals achieve their 40s, gravity, genetics, exposure to the sun and also the stresses of daily existence start to affect their faces. The jawline develops slack and jowls start to form. Fatty deposits and loose skin start to come in the low neck and face. Creases form between your nose and mouth.
These changes mix to create people look over the age of they think. The Lifestyle Lift can improve these visible aging process by getting rid of excess body fat, tightening underlying muscles and tightening and removing skin around the neck and face. The process reinstates the jawline and neck, rapidly removes facial lines and sagging skin and significantly produces a far more youthful appearance. Many patients see and have the improvement before they leave work!
The Lifestyle Lift can perform excellent achievements to boost the way you look as well as your self-confidence. The process could be carried out alone or with eye lid tightening methods (blepharoplasty). These methods reduce signs of aging about the eyes. Together, they may be potent tools to assist reinstate your appearance.

How long has this procedure been performed? 

Facelift methods happen to be carried out securely in excess of half a century. The Lifestyle Lift has been around since 2001 like a breakthrough option to the standard, more invasive kinds of facelifts.
Lately, there's been a trend in most of drugs to escape from extensive, lengthy and involved methods (like a traditional facelift) toward simpler, faster and safer methods (like the Lifestyle Lift). By focusing solely around the Lifestyle Lift, our doctors have grown to be the nation's experts with this particular procedure. They've carried out a lot more than 100,000 methods at Lifestyle Lift centers round the country!

Who are the best candidates for the Lifestyle Lift? 

Almost anybody may have a Lifestyle Lift. The Lifestyle Lift is intended for anybody who encounters premature aging. The very best candidates for that Lifestyle Lift are males and ladies who have started to see signs of aging within their faces, from sagging skin and jowls, to looseness within the neck, etc. Some patients have been in their 40s to 60s, the process can be achieved securely in those who are within their 70s and 80s, who're in good condition.
Thorough medical histories are acquired through the Lifestyle Lift staff. Patients with chronic medical problems, well controlled with medication, can also be candidates for that Lifestyle Lift. If you will find any concerns regarding your health, Lifestyle Lift will consult with the family physician to ensure that proceeding is medically safe.

Is anybody Not really a candidate for that Lifestyle Lift?

Its not all patient is a great candidate for that Lifestyle Lift. Just the consultation can determine the candidacy with this innovative procedure.
Although most sufferers benefit considerably in the Lifestyle Lift, some may need a conventional facelift or neck lift to offer the preferred result. Therefore, the Lifestyle Lift doesn't replace the standard facelift but is the one other option within the spectrum of rejuvenation methods.
Other patients might be better offered with even more compact office methods, for example wrinkle and skin filler remedies, or skin rejuvenation remedies.

Is the Lifestyle Lift safe? 

Lifestyle Lift has securely carried out hundreds of 1000's of methods yearly since 2001. The data support the truth that it's an very safe procedure with couple of risks or complications. However, any surgical treatment carries some questions and risks. Employees and doctors will carefully discuss these minor risks along with you, responding to all your questions and concerns.

Where's the Lifestyle Lift carried out?

The process is carried out inside a specifically outfitted procedure suite inside the Lifestyle Lift Little Falls Center. The climate is relaxed and professional. They will use only condition-of-the-art medical, sterilization, and safety equipment and methods. The process is completed with the individual on the comfortable reclining-kind of chair. Usually, soft music is playing and each effort is perfect for patients to feel as comfortable and relaxed as you possibly can.

What anesthesia can be used for that Lifestyle Lift?

Your safety factors are no. 1 concern. By utilizing local anesthesia, the region is numb with no discomfort is felt throughout the process. This process of anesthesia has been utilized in additional than 100,000 cases with positive results.
A gentle sedative could be given for patients who're nervous. Patients who would like to have this sedative should have someone give bring them home after.

How's the Lifestyle Lift carried out? 

You'll get through to the center at any given time designated for you. A Lifestyle Lift professional will require proper care of necessary financial and documents products, including an educated consent. Then that individual will get you prepared for the process. Your physician will evaluate the procedure and answer any remaining questions. Local anesthetic is going to be given. Next, the process will occur, lasting from one or two hrs (based on what's scheduled to become done).
You shouldn't feel any discomfort throughout the process. You're safe, awake and relaxed. Following the process, the surgical tech will clean the operative areas and apply small bandages known as Steri-Strips. The tech will even permit you to try looking in the mirror to determine the brand new you! At this time around, publish-operative instructions and medicines is going to be examined, and you will be provided an in depth instruction sheet.

What goes on after my Lifestyle Lift?

After your procedure, a Lifestyle Lift professional will take a look at publish-operative instructions along with you, as layed out above. Many people take advantage of taking simple to use the relaxation during the day. Using ice or cold compresses to impacted areas and keeping your mind elevated can help reduce swelling and bruising. Specific instructions for care is going to be provided. Medicines is going to be recommended because of your physician for relief of discomfort and also to prevent infection.
You might shower and clean hair your day following procedure. You might put on makeup, but must avoid setting it up close to the cut lines. If you think as much as it, you might go back to work. Most sufferers are experiencing some swelling and bruising, and would rather have a couple of slow days using their activities. You need to avoid heavy activities, including bending, lifting, etc., until your sutures happen to be removed. Good sense will dictate when normal activities can resume.

What if I have more questions before my procedure?

Please call work anytime with any queries. Educated patients prosper before, throughout and following the procedure. Most questions could be clarified over the telephone. If you'd like to speak with your personal doctor again, unconditionally, please call and arrange another consultation. Please don't hesitate to call unconditionally.

Lifestyle Lift Complaints

You've find out about and seen all the incredible results and encounters that nearly 100,000 Lifestyle Lift patients have loved. Occasionally, though, we all do learn about some minor complaints concerning the Lifestyle Lift. To assist make certain that all the details are provided, here are the most typical Lifestyle Lift problems and complaints our patients share:
  • There's no Lifestyle Lift center during my home town. Our centers are situated in most regions of the nation as well as in over 22 states in order to make sure that everybody includes a Lifestyle Lift center near them. However, we all do from time to time learn about someone worrying in regards to a two- or three-hour drive towards the nearest center. Using the growing recognition from the effective Life-style Lift procedure, new centers are opening in metropolitan areas across the nation. 
  • My physician stated I'm not a great candidate for that procedure. From time to time throughout a totally free consultation, our Lifestyle Lift doctors encounter patients who aren't good candidates for that procedure. Serious health factors and major ailments prevents our doctors from suggesting a customer for that procedure. Even though it is very rare with this problem to happen, if this does, to control your emotions so in clients' best safety and health interest. While a number of patients may lodge a complaint concerning the policy, most will recognize it as being proof of our dedication to safety and patient care. Elective methods aren't worth a significant health risks!
  • I needed to wait per month to achieve the Lifestyle Lift. Waiting is among the most typical complaints, also it comes from the thrill that's buzzing across the nation concerning the Lifestyle Lift. Nearly 100,000 People in america have selected the Lifestyle Lift up to now, and since you want to make sure that each patient will get the entire attention of the physician and professional staff at the time of the procedure, care is taken to not overbook our centers. This sometimes creates a short waiting period involving the free consultation as well as your procedure. As the wait might be a couple of days to some month, please bear in mind the results can change your way of life for many years in the future! 

How do you obtain a free info package along with a free consultation?

To obtain your free Lifestyle Lift consultation, call the toll-free number towards the top of the page along with a Lifestyle Lift representative will help in making consultation appointment. You may also develop a private form for the Free Life-style Lift Information Package, after which it among their reps will contact you to setup a totally free consultation. The internet form also provides you with a choice of receiving their online e-newsletter.
Throughout your consultation, a physician's consultant provides you with a short summary of the whole process. She or he will even take a look at health background and evaluate the face.
Since it takes only around an hour to do (thanks, simply, to using local anesthesia), many people recuperate rapidly. Many go back to your regular schedule very quickly.

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