Friday, March 18, 2011

Cosmetic Lifestyle Lift, and psychological problems

If the condition of your skin on the face, neck, decolletage does not cause you positive emotions and the skin looks, in your opinion, is worse than it could, can often have thoughts about the need for skin tightening. This can really help in these areas of the body, but to predict the effect and assess the need for such a procedure, such as lifting, can only be a medical specialist. The fact that the amazing success of cosmetic medicine, we are seeing in recent years, the incredibly increased the market for paid medical services.

And according to economic laws, where the impetus for the development of an activity are the supply and demand, the proposal seeks to change the demand available to him means, such as advertising. If this does not happen, the dynamics of this activity would be unable to maintain returns on investments, and quickly faded to. Therefore, paid medicine, like any other commercial services, seeks to impose a layman with all available means. The result of this policy was roll of public opinion toward cosmetic surgery, the majority of the population which, by using the same advertising, does not see anything special. Outside the attention of the people are important features of this trend impacts on human health. Unwitting agents of the roll are the stars of show business, and through them to influence public opinion very much.

At the same time, such medical treatments as Botox, liposuction and facelift surgery - these are serious steps that affect health, which may allow a doctor, not a doctor cosmetic center. However, every now and attending physicians are faced with a distorted perception of their patients expected consequences of such intervention in their health. It is not uncommon, the results are linked to getting rid of their own psychological problems. And when this happens, people feel frustrated in a hurry or anything else to fix their appearance in similar ways. But the same lifting effectively achieved without the surgeon's scalpel other progressive methods, from massage to ultrasound. For a start can be recommended even laser hair removal, if only in order to trace its impact on the psychological condition of the patient.

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