Friday, March 18, 2011

Lifestyle Lift Laser - The Best Method of Anti-aging

Unfortunately, we are all without exception are subject to aging. Together with our aging and our bodies and our skin. Particularly ruthless time to skin cells, which are noticeably weaker, and age on a variety of reasons, among which is the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, and atmospheric effects, and more. As a result, skin loses its elasticity, resilience and natural force. Struggle with similar ailments in the early stages of aging helps to use various creams and lotions that have a lifting effect on the cells. However, more serious signs of skin aging such methods can no longer fight. That's when it becomes necessary Laser Lifestyle Lift as a cosmetic procedure.

Lifting - is one way to skin rejuvenation. The treatment may include non-surgical skin tightening, or directly to plastic surgery.

Too many people go to plastic surgery with great reluctance and then only if they have no more choice, and all major cosmetic procedures or are powerless, or have lost their effectiveness. However, in our research center there is a great alternative to all types of lifting and plastic surgery. An alternative to this is the so-called laser lift or non-surgical skin tightening. This method is the latest in modern laser medicine, but he was already well established itself not only in our research center, but also in various laser clinics around the world.

The main features of the laser Lifestyle Lift is that non-surgical skin tightening is carried out without anesthesia, due to the fact that the laser beam in contact with the skin accompanied by a powerful cooling system, resulting in the need for anesthesia is completely eliminated. In addition, non-surgical skin tightening laser provides excellent long-term outcome.

What is Lifestyle Lift Laser?

Effects on tissue structure of the epidermis laser lifting based on the principle of selective (ie, selective) photothermolysis. In this very selective effect on tissues of the skin with laser systems determined by the density of the emitted laser wavelength. Thus, the chromophores melanin, hemoglobin (oxyhemoglobin) and water, engaging in direct interaction with laser radiation "own" the length and density, are capable of converting light energy that comes in them, in the heat, accumulating it. Accumulated thermal energy, reaching a specified level, causes irreversible changes in the desired tissue structure, aimed at skin rejuvenation. Raising the temperature in deep layers of the skin using laser energy provides a seal collagen tissue, and after the procedure there is an intensive formation of new collagen, and further strengthening of the skin cells that leads to a long and highly visible results.

After the procedure, laser rejuvenation is an expected surge in activity of enzymes. Level of their own biologically active substances of the organism increases in several times. Leather re-creates its own shield against free radicals and external environmental influences, including UV. The circulation of blood in micro arteries and wreaths skin becomes very active. The fact that it uses the energy of a strictly defined set properties, the frequency spectrum is very narrow (5 nm), so the doctor can accurately predict the depth of the impact and results. Laser non-surgical skin tightening is the preferred method of rejuvenation.

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