Monday, September 12, 2011

Regarding Teen Fitness: Lifestyle Family Fitness

I do know from personal experience it can be very difficult to get up off that large comfy sofa in the living room. Sitting there as a family passing time together watching the television, what a easy way to spend your night together, right? Well I do think we can all say that there are good ways to invest some quality time together.

I live in a family group with two parents who put in full days of work and often when they go back home the sofa is the first instance they go to relax. Well, I have taken it into my personal hands to change the habit they started. I let them know that when they have to unwind after a long day why not go outside for a few oxygen and spend some time together.

I’m thankful that we live near to nature trails so several times per week we make an effort to take the dog for a walk-through the hiking trails for a couple of hours. Not only do we get an excellent cardiovascular workout going up and down hillsides all day long but we also spend the entire time talking. Naturally, nothings more boring than going on a walk without having talking. For those who don't get the chance I have to live within walking distance of some hiking trails, you might consider going for a walk across town or to a neighborhood park.

My mother and father aren't exactly the running type so that method works out great for everyone and at the end of the day you don't feel guilty sitting down to watch your favorite shows. I enjoy having the time to talk to my folks and sort through the challenges of the day so, it's a win for everybody.

My adventure for next week is to take them out camping to get some canoing and kayaking in before the cold temperature begins to roll in. There will always be choices to keep active you just need to have a little creativity! Always remember, when you help to make it fun it isn't work.

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