Thursday, January 7, 2010

Breast Cancer Treatment, reach it by making lifestyle changes

Treating the root cause or causes of breast cancer is far more important than treating the obvious immediate symptoms. Treating only symptoms, which is the cancer growth will simply cover up the real underlying problem and will cause the problem to return or to spread to another area. A genuine cure will look for the reasons why the cancer first appeared and address those reasons and that will allow the body to permanently heal.
The words breast cancer scares people and someone newly diagnosed with the disease will blindly follow authority without stopping and applying a bit of common sense. What they need is information on the subject so they can make informed decisions on their best treatment options based on knowledge. There are many facts that are known about breast cancer but you are seldom told.

Breast cancer doesn't just happen; it is the result of something you did, so it makes sense that it can be corrected also. To successfully overcome a diagnosis of breast cancer it is much more important to look for the reasons why it occurred in the first place and address those reasons. When you remove the factors that caused the problem the body through the immune system has a natural tendency to heal itself and will remove the cancer without it spreading or returning.

Our bodies are continuing trying to heal themselves and that is with the aid of our built in repair system which is the immune system. Right through life our immune system keeps us healthy as it repairs cuts and bruises, broken bones, infections, diseases and also cancer. But it needs a little help and only you can do that and that is by eating the food that's been designed for human consumption and removing the everyday food items that have contributed to the problem.

Breast cancer is simply a disease of a weak immune system, that's been weakened by the way we now live, especially with our wrong food choices. These are foods that use refined flour and sugar, also the consumption of too much animal fat, salt, caffeine, and alcohol. Lifestyle factors may include constant worry, anger, fear, frustration. Also the chemicals that affect us and they are chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, smoking, and all drugs. All these factors contribute to breast cancer.

There are only natural ways to strengthen the immune system and that is to eat freshly grown fruit and vegetables everyday, most of which have cancer fighting properties, make sure you get adequate rest and sleep, fresh air, sunshine, exercise and lastly a positive attitude towards life which is very important.

Breast cancer is an entirely curable disease but a person must take central responsibility for his or her own health and have an active involvement in the healing process. A change in the way you live is essential, especially with the food you eat because all those factors are the causes of breast cancer today.

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