Friday, January 8, 2010

Lifestyle Lifts Problems

Found in one of the forums:
My girlfriend and I just got back from Dallas last week having done the Lifestyle LIft Cost. We opted for this because of the "no general anesthesia".
It was a more involved procedure than we expected. She had lipo under the chin, I did not.
Her pain was greater the first night. She had more bruising. We don't know how anyone could go back to work the next day. We stayed in our hotel room for 3 days - never left it. Had the maid clean the bathroom only. Lived on milk-shakes, yogurt and oatmeal, becuase we couldn't open our mouths very wide. Each day got better. There were more stitches then I expected. They are actually "inside the ear edge" behind the ear and around the hairline toward the nape. The procedure was totally painless - but 2 hours later that all changed. My fiend is having her sutures out today - even as we speak. Mine are due out Monday. Both the doctors at the Dallas office are superb. Both are plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Not cosmetic surgeons. So far it looks good. supposedly this is to last longer than the usual lift. I would never do it again. But as of right now I have no regrets. I'm thinking I should have asked more questions. By the way Im 62. You don't walk out with a band-aid or steri-strip. You walk out with a head wrap. When I questioned my surgeon about that he said that there had been complaints about the "quickie" procedure with steri strips...etc. regarding results.
And that now other offices are retraining their doctors to use the full bandage...and I advised them to read their own website and make adjustments. I have no idea how anyone can get addicted to plastic surgery. Hope this helps....

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