Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Face Lift: How to Get the Best Result of Your Face Lift

It happens slowly ... You start to notice a sag in your cheeks and your jaw-line looks tired. Eventually, you notice you've got full-blown jowls and your whole face looks tired and saggy. You look older than you feel.

Maybe you try some (or all) of the creams and lotions that claim to tighten and smooth the skin,
but the results just aren't happening. Sometimes the only thing to do is seek cosmetic surgery to get the noticeable results you want. A facelift may be just what you need.

- How to get great results:

1. Do your homework and learn about the procedure
2. Research, consult and get to know your doctor
3. Follow all pre- and post-operative instructions to the letter
4. Understand that additional procedures may be necessary
5. Wear sunscreen every day
6. Commit to a healthy lifestyle

The first step is a no-brainer. Understanding all that a facelift entails will help you decide if you are able to commit to the procedure. Realize that there are risks, some serious and some superficial.

For instance, scars may be more visible than desired even though the surgeon tries to hide incisions within the hairline. More serious risks include death of skin sections and paralysis in the face.

The facelift itself takes roughly four hours and sometimes a night in the hospital. Recovery is not pretty with visible swelling and bruising for at least two weeks. For the first five days rest is essential so going back to work is not recommended.

After that, you must decide if you want to go out in public. Make-up is not recommended until two weeks after the procedure. Look at before and after pictures, to include the recovery process. It will help prepare you for when the bandages come off.

Do your homework when it comes to choosing a surgeon. Having a board certified, experienced surgeon helps reduce the risks and increases the probability of a successful procedure.

Do not be afraid to ask how many facelifts he has performed and check for the board certification hanging on his office wall. Ask as many questions as you want; a good surgeon will not mind. Make sure you feel comfortable with the surgeon during the consultation. Researching the physician can mean the difference between a beautiful, youthful new you and having to hire another surgeon to fix a botched procedure.

Another way to maximize your results is to FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS! ...

Your surgeon will give you a list of things to do before and after the face lift and it is imperative that you follow through. For example, stop smoking at least two weeks before the procedure, preferably two months.

Be honest about any medications you are taking and any physical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. After the surgery, keep ice one the site to reduce swelling and sleep in a reclined position. If you do not follow these and the other instructions, do not expect optimal results.

It is possible your surgeon will recommend additional procedures such as skin rejuvenation or brow and eyelid lifts to achieve the results you ultimately want. Be prepared for this.

A traditional facelift tightens the cheeks and removes fat from the chin area correcting issues on the bottom half of your face. Wrinkles, uneven skin tone and other issues are still visible and will require other procedures. Depending on your expectations, your surgeon will make recommendations.

For long term results, it is up to you to protect yourself from environmental threats and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Wear sunscreen every day to keep your skin healthy and moisturize to maintain supple smooth skin. Drink lots of water daily to keep the skin hydrated. A healthy diet and exercise are important as well. If you keep your insides healthy, your outside will be healthy.

These steps will help you have a good experience and a successful facelift. You can enjoy a more youthful glowing look and no longer look older than you feel.

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