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Lifestyle Facelift Surgery - Before and After | Recovery and Cost

Lifestyle Face Lift

Lifestyle Face Lift

Each woman wants to stay young and beautiful as long as possible, but with age her appearance gets certain changes: her face complexion gets worse, wrinkles appear, muscle tone decreases, due to which the face profile changes. Modern women are helped by face lifting which is a cosmetic procedure to lift skin, and it allows women to look gorgeous at any age. As a result of a procedure like face lifting, the face becomes smoother, its profile improves, small wrinkles disappear, and the skin tissue becomes stronger. Face lifting can be done with or without surgery.

Face skin lifting with an operation (SMAS-lifting) implies surgery with general anaesthesia. This method is chosen by women 48-55 years old, when the oval of their face is significantly different, and signs of aging are clearly noticeable. SMAS-lifting can be repeated 2-3 times every 10-12 years, and its effect can usually last 8-12 years. Non-surgical face lifting can be performed through various different methods: from laser procedures to make-up with a light face-lifting effect. The majority of them can be performed when there are the first signs of skin aging noticed (approximately from 30 years of age).

One of the most popular types of face rejuvenating is mesonic therapy. This is non-surgical face lifting that is performed through micro-injections. Small needles inject a special substance into the skin. This substance includes vitamins and micro-elements necessary for smoothening skin and getting rid of small defects. This procedure is usually performed in treatment courses and is prescribed to women older than 35. Mesonic therapy helps to lift up the oval of the face, as well as get rid of small wrinkles and make the skin more elastic, get rid of hyper pigmented spots and dark circles under the eyes.

Laser lifting of facial skin is basically skin polishing. The laser takes off the surface layer of the skin that doesn't have any nerve endings, that is why this procedure is painless. Laser polishing stimulated blood flow, increases cell regeneration, increases skin elasticity, as a result of which the skin becomes completely renewed. After performing this procedure the face complexion improves, hyper pigmented spots and small wrinkles disappear.

Non-surgical methods of lifting include such a procedure as rf-lifting, that is also called radio wave lifting or thermo-lifting. Some people compare rf-lifting with plastic surgery because this type of rejuvenating is very effective: the results keep for up to two years. Under the impact of high frequency electric power that thermally impacts middle and very deep skin layers, activates blood flow, speeds up cell nenewal processes, improves the process of collagen and elastane production. As a result, wrinkles smoothen up, and the face contour becomes smoother. The best effect is achieved after performing several procedures. It should be noticed that this type of lifting is recommended for women after 45 years old, however there are contra-indications based on health issues, so it's necessary to consult your physician before performing these procedures.

Non-surgical lifestyle facelift can also be performed using cosmetic products. These can be lifting masks or creams having skin lifting effect. Cosmetic products' manufacturers usually offer a line of creams with lifting effect, that can be sorted by age and time of use (day creams and night creams). The effect becomes noticeable after just a few days of using the product, in the future small wrinkles smoothen, the skin becomes more elastic and smooth. Face lifting mask gives an immediate effect, however it is not recommended to use it more than once a week. Cosmetologists advise using the mask if you need to look good, but you have no time for a long preparation. The reason to use it can be, for example, an unexpected party invitation. A face lifting mask can be used for practically any age, but it's important to pay attention to the recommendations, specified on the package.

If you are planning to perform some types of face skin lifting procedures, carefully study the contra-indications and follow the usage indications. Remember, that moderation is important for everything.

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