Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How Is Lifestyle Lift Done?

Jowls, sagging skin and wrinkles can all work together to make one feel older than our years. Or at least older than what we feel. A Lifestyle Lift is a minor face-lift that works to correct the sagging and jowling, in less time than a traditional face-lift and using only local anesthetic. Please be aware that a "Lifestyle Lift" is a trademarked type of surgical procedure, but it can be done as a "mini-face-lift" by most cosmetic surgeons.

An S-Lift is a face-lift where the skin only is lifted. The cost of Lifestyle Lift is a SMAS (sub or superficial muscular and aponeurtoic system). This means that the muscle and connective tissue are involved, helping to eliminate frown and smile lines because it is lifting the tissue that you use to make facial movements. First an S-shaped incision is made in front of and below each ear. Once these cuts are made, the skin is actually gathered and pulled to create smoothness. Excess skin is trimmed off and many times Lipo is used to reduce fat from under the chin. Then two sutures are made, one at each ear, that hold this new framework for the face in place.

Because this type of surgery takes about an hour and uses general anesthetic, the recovery time is much faster than a traditional face-lift. But it is no lunch hour procedure. It is quite a lot of surgery, involving cutting and bruising and you do need to rest for at least 48 hours before doing anything more strenuous than watching TV and getting yourself something to eat. And the results? You have to do your research to see photos and hear stories, but overall women and men seem to be very pleased with the procedure. And a look of natural beauty and of freshness can make you feel younger, so that you may project a younger appearance.

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