Thursday, January 21, 2010

Problems of Lifestyle Lift Procedure

As we age our facial skin tends to sag and wrinkle. Many people, especially women, choose to have cosmetic surgery to deter the signs of aging. These surgeries run the gamut from relatively simple eyelid lifts to full facelifts, with many procedures in between. One technique, Lifestyle Lift™, is widely advertised and apparently popular, but there are several reported problems with it.

Full Facelift Technique

By definition, a full facelift involves making incisions in front of and behind the ears, removing skin and fat tissue, moving and/or replacing fat tissue where needed, and suturing the incisions. It is almost always done under full anesthesia, and recovery time may be as long as six weeks. This procedure, when done for cosmetic purposes, is generally not covered by health insurance and can be quite costly, with the cost varying by state and doctor.

Mini Facelift Technique

The mini facelift procedure has reportedly been around since the early 1900s. According to New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Kamran Jafri, it is a somewhat less invasive technique in which the incisions are not as long or deep and no skin is removed. Another plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Schwartz, advises that mini facelifts have very limited results.

Lifestyle Lift™ Technique

The Lifestyle Lift™ procedure is sometimes generically grouped with mini facelifts, but, according to Dr. Jafri, differs in that it uses the longer incision usually associated with a full facelift. Lifestyle Lift™ claims that the procedure takes only one hour in most cases, that it can be done under local anesthesia, and that there is a very short recovery time, varying to some degree upon the patient. There are other trade names for slight variations of this procedure such as Lunchtime Lift™ and Quicklift™.


Reports of problems with this company and its procedure abound. Some clients complain about high-pressure sales tactics and about not getting enough information prior to their surgery. Others say that the technique is not pain-free, as claimed, and that the numbing shots are very uncomfortable. Most of the complaints come from people whose procedure took longer than expected, whose recovery was slower than expected and who saw little improvement in their appearance, even after recovery time. In addition, Dr. Robert M. Freund warns that the results do not last.

Positive Comments

Lifestyle Lift™ is popular; the business is booming, due apparently to advertising and word-of-mouth. Even so, it is difficult to find positive reviews of the technique that are not directly solicited by Lifestyle Lift™. In fact, a 2009 lawsuit found many supposedly unsolicited testimonials to be fraudulent. Regardless, there must be satisfied customers or the popularity of Lifestyle Lift™ would not keep growing.

Expert Insight

Both Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Freund, along with other plastic surgery specialists, warn against temporary or partial facelift procedures. The general attitude from the plastic surgeons is that if you need a facelift, get a facelift that mini procedures provide only partial solutions, if any, and that the same problems will recur within a short time, making your time, money and pain ill-spent.

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