Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Types of Lifestyle Lift: What to choose?

Anti-Aging Procedure

A Lifestyle Lift is a registered trademark for a surgical facial-firming method that has been available since 2001. According to LifestyleLift.com, its cosmetic procedure will help minimize the signs of aging. Lifestyle Lift is described by RealSelf.com as a mini-facelift that is an alternative to more invasive facelift surgeries that require several months of recovery.

Mini Facelift

There are two primary kinds of mini facelifts according to Plastic Surgery.com. One is referred to as an anterior lift. It works best on patients who want to lift sagging skin in their lower face. The second kind of mini facelift is referred to as a posterior mini lift. This type of surgery concentrates on the neck and jowl area.

During a mini facelift, your doctor carefully pulls up facial skin from the underlying tissue, one side at a time, taking out a thin, S-shaped section of skin from the treatment area. In some cases, the surgeon performs liposuction to eliminate any excess fat.

In contrast, a full facelift, according to the Mayo Clinic, involves a surgical incision that begins in the scalp area on top of the ears and continues down the side of the face, under the earlobes and ends in the back of the ears.

Lifestyle Lift

Lifestyle lift is a relatively short surgical procedure, which takes approximately one hour. The patient sits in a reclining chair while soothing music plays.

According to LifestyleLift.com, its surgical approach to facial rejuvenation involves tightening muscles, removing jowls, wrinkles and excess fat. Although the Lifestyle Lift website doesn't provide detailed information about how its procedure is performed, a general description published by Lifestyle Lift is similar to the S-shape mini lift.

Lifestyle Lift says your doctor will insert permanent sutures to hold fundamental muscles in place to make certain that the tightening effects will remain intact for several years.

Lifestyle Lift says the doctors who perform this procedure are from highly credible institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Harvard and Stanford University.


According to Plastic Surgery.com, mini facelifts may cause temporary discomfort, bruising, and numbness. Lifestyle Lift.com says most people are able to resume their normal activities in about a week.

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