Monday, January 18, 2010

Lifestyle Lift vs. Traditional Facelift: Which is better?

The Lifestyle Lift is a revolutionary alternative to the traditional facelift that often requires an extensive recovery. The procedure is said to be a more safe approach to cosmetic surgery and much less expensive. The Lifestyle Lift is designed to restore the neck, as well as the jaw line, revealing a much younger appearance. Many individuals feel as though the first true signs of aging show up in the neck area, a place that seems so irreversible. With this ground-breaking procedure, the results are clear in as little as one hour, as this is all it takes for the process to be complete. Even though many individuals have had positive results, there are also patients who have been completely unsatisfied.

The Lifestyle Lift was created by Dr. David M. Kent, in the year 2001. His goal in creating this procedure was to design an alternative to the old fashion facelift, producing a more simple way to give someone a younger appearance.
The Lifestyle Lift is Performed by Experienced Board-Certified Doctors

Even though the procedure is quite minimal, it is only performed by doctors who have an extensive background in facial or general plastic surgeries. These doctors who were specifically trained to perform the Lifestyle Lift are now mostly exclusive to performing this one procedure. What started as just one doctor has now accumulated to more than 80 doctors all across the United States focused on performing the Lifestyle Lift procedure. They have surely kept busy as they have gained over 100,000 clients nationwide.

The Lifestyle Lift vs. the Traditional Facelift

This procedure is much less harsh than the traditional facelift. First off, the procedure is often performed in an office, under local anesthesia, rather than general or intravenous anesthesia. This means patients are never completely put to sleep. It takes much less time versus any other alternative surgeries. The one drastic difference is the cost, as the Lifestyle lift averages about $5,000, where a traditional facelift can cost around $15,000.

Doctors begin with an incision along the patient’s temple around the hairline, which will carry on all the way around to the front of the ear. There are two circular sutures put in to tighten up the loose muscles. The extra skin is then removed.

The Procedure has Changed Many Lives

This innovative lifestyle lift procedure has changed many lives and has given men and women the confidence of feeling and looking many years younger. Best of all, compared to any other drastic facelift, the Lifestyle Lift saves patients time and money.

The Lifestyle Lift is designed to target these specific areas:
Define the jaw line
Tighten skin on both face and neck
Tighten droopy muscles
Reduce wrinkles and frown lines
The Lifestyle Lift Takes Approximately One Hour

The process takes place under local anesthesia and is often complete in just one hour. The procedure is said to have patients back to their regular daily schedule in as little as one week. As every case is different, some patients may need extra time to heal.
Some Patients are Unhappy with the Results of the Lifestyle Lift

Even though many patients claim the surgery has changed their life for the better, there are also many patients who have stated the opposite. The most common complaints are being unhappy with the results. Some individuals have complained about the fact that their face looks no better than before. There are also patients who have claimed the recovery time was longer than what is advertised.

With every procedure there are always going to be pros and cons. It is often best for individuals to search out as many recourses as possible in order to find out whether a surgery would be beneficial to them, or not. While the Lifestyle Lift has changed many lives for the better, some patients haven’t been so lucky.

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