Monday, January 11, 2010

Lifestyle Lift Bad Review: Lifestyle it is Nightmare Dream in my Life!

I had my procedure done August, 2007. I, too, had made the initial appointment for the consultation. I made it to happen during my lunch hour. When I got to the lobby, there were too many people in the room - there weren't enough chairs. I was upset and called back to re-schedule. I believe the consultation was in April - I put money down for a good faith deposit. They took my 'before'pictures' and made me look down to exagerate the skin on my neck. The surgery wasn't scheduled for several months.

When I came in for the lifestyle lift surgery, it was scheduled for 11:00am approx. They gave me the medication to go into a light sleep - said it would take about 5-10 minutes to take effect. I went into a twilight sleep and woke an hour later to find I had been in the room, by myself, and no surgery. Now fully awake, I went into the hallway and asked if I had been forgotten. There was then confusion as to what they would give me because the medicine had already been administered and I was wide awake. They gave me something else but I was awake for the whole procedure.

The doctor was running late from his last procedure. I was in the mortgage industry working as a Sr. Underwriter. We were talking about the market and he asked what my opinion was as he had a rental property in Philedalphia. I told him the market was not looking good. He seemed a little anxious but finished the procedure which came out OK on the left side of my face - the right side which included the liposuction on my neck was not so great. Under the right side of my jaw line, there was some fatty tissue that should have been removed like the left side.

I went home and followed their instructions to ice the area down and stay quiet for a while. I had a follow up appt in two days and the nurse(?) told me not to worry and that the skin was healing. I had a follow up appt from that one where the stitches were removed and the 'after' pictures were taken - this time with me looking upwards to eliminate any sagging.
Iwas still experiencing swelling and asked about that. I was told that sometimes it takes a year for everything to go into proper place.

In late August, 2008, I called the 800# on the website and the fellow I spoke with sent an email to the office where I had the procedure done. I told him that the scarring by my right ear seemed to be growing and it almost looked like another ear growing behind the one I already have. I also explained that I was still experiencing discomfort - the site itches, is hard to lay on and I am aware of it 24/7. He assured me that someone would call me back. No one ever did.

I later sent an email myself directly to the office where I had the procedure done. No one called me back. I called the office where I had it done and left a message for the manager. She never called me back. I sent another email to them yesterday and said this was urgent. I am looking for work and the first thing an interviewer looks at is the scar sticking out of the side of my face.

They never followed up with me after the stitches were out. Never sent the after photos - nothing. They got my money, spent an hour disfiguring me and I was on my own.

I would like to contact an attorney so if any of you are already working on this, please email me.

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