Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lifestyle Lifts Review: Look at my lifestyle lift nightmare! unhappy with scars and results

I went with a friend for the consult. The mrg walked in the room and introduced herself as a Lifestyle Lift Professional Medical Consultant. She told me that she needed us to watch a film about LSL. Which we did, and were impressed at the credentials they claimed.

The mgr came in the room after the film and ask me to stand before a mirror. She proceeded to stand behind me and take my face and pull it back while we both looked in the mirror. She stated that this is what you will look like after procedure. She also stated that depending on what I have done they can take, 10 and up to 20 years off patients faces with this minimal invasive procedure. The mgr reminded me that they have a 95% success rate, and that this is done under local anesthesia, so I would not be put under. This was a plus to me as from having a medical background I am aware of the danger of general anesthesia.

I ask about pain, and was told most people don't even have pain and sleep during procedure. I ask about scars and she told me they would be hidden and minimal. I was told that if I signed up today I would save $1200. I paid almost half down that day and paid rest in full at day of procedure in cash. I was also that day taken into a plush waiting room offered cookies, juice, coffee, etc. This will make a point later on to readers.

The day of the procedure I was taken to the back room and given a 10mg valium. Later as they were waiting for the valium to take effect a woman came in the room and ask me to sign a consent form. I have no idea what I signed. Then the Dr. came in the room. I had not met this Dr. before the day of surgery. The mgr came in the room and said I am going to hold your hand. I was told this was like being at the dentist. I was also told that it will be quick like 45 minutes to an hour. I was also told Dr. C is quick so it may not take that long.

Then Dr. began to inject my face starting with chin with extremely painful injections -- there were so many I lost count. The shots were horrible. I was told at this point that this was the worst part. I began to shake and the valium was not effective at all.

Dr. C then cut under my chin. I thought "Hey nobody told me about this!" Then he stuck a metal rod in my chin, I wanted to scream as this rod ran against my jaw bone and down the front of my neck. I yelled I feel this! Dr. C said you are doing well and that he has had to stop surgeries before because some people pass out. He then injected my face with more needles. I felt a warm wetness between my breast and realized later that it was my blood that was going down my blouse, even with the drape they had on me. My thought at this point was my God! What are they doing! This is not going to be a one hour lunch time procedure and not minor at all!

The Dr. told me to be still as he turned my head and begin to cut into my face. Blood filled my ears I couldn't hear on that side, they kept using something to clean my ears, but as soon as they did the blood would fill my ear up again. The smell was horrifying! It was the smell of my flesh and hair burning. I still get sick to my stomach when I think about it. I wanted to run! scream! something! The Dr. gave me no comfort, he began to state how in his private office he gives what is called a twilight sleep.

At the end of the procedure I was weak and shaking uncontrollably, the MA or whatever she was kept asking me if I was ok. No! I was not ok, I was sick, I was terrified, I felt like I was going to faint. The girl gave a juice drink after my face was wrapped, and a RX of Vicoden ES 1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours, and a RX for ambien to help me sleep. Then I was quickly wisked out the back door.

Later that evening the medication wore off and I was in horrible pain. I have had 3 major back surgeries two C-sections and a shoulder surgery in my past and this was incredible. My face bleed through the bandages and covered my pillow with blood. I sat up in the bed and rocked back and forth thinking my God I should be in the hospital or something! "This can't be right."

Needless to say I called the office with no return calls the next day. It was if I had dropped off the planet earth once they got my money. Before I had the surgery they called constantly, now I couldn't even get a call back. I insisted to talk to someone. When I did I was told this is normal.

I went back to have my stitches removed and was told everything was fine, even though I had these knots all over my jowl and neck area with swelling, and oozing stiches. (I was never told about any knots or oozing before I decided to have this procedure.) Nor did I see a Dr. that day. I ask the tech are you sure these stitches can come out, she said yes they have to or you will scar. She then told me to message my neck and the lumps would go away and to start using a scar cream. She gave me a mirror and my husband was with me when the sutures were removed and she said how do you like it. I didn't have time to answer when my husband interrupted and said she was beautiful before and what have you done to my wife!

My husband was in such disbelief day one of surgery when I came home he took a picture. The next day when bandages came off he gasp and said "My God what have they done to my wife!" He was mortified. I assured him it will get better. (Hey they promised me it would) I heard him from my bed on the phone with his mother and others saying they butchered her. (Some things in life you never want to hear and that was one of them.)

It didn't get better only worse. I have been called Frankenhead, scarface, etc. I don't go out unless I have to. I don't go to my husbands work functions or social places anymore. I am ashamed. I have an infection that at this point no one knows what is causing it, and am told I will probably end up in hospital on IV therapy. Antibiotics start to lessen the swelling then full force it comes back. Last time I saw Dr. C 7/09 I said fix this, he said I can't I don't even know what this infection is.

Note: My last visit was almost 4 months post op. There were many people in the office waiting for the procedure. They would not let me in the waiting room. They quickly wisked me into another room. Then quickly out the back door after seeing Dr and office Mgr.

The Mgr said oh it is not that bad. My reply was, well if it is not that bad let me go in the waiting room and show my face and see how many people out there decide to stay. She said no not all people heal the same, and you are the only one with a complaint. I reminded her that I have had surgeries before and pulled my pants down in the back area surgical site and showed her my back scar which you can barely see. Then I said next excuse.

I wish I had went to that waiting room, I wish I could have saved all those innocent people from the lies. I requested my pictures ASAP or I was going to come & sit in their waiting room until I got them. They sent my pictures, all dark and hard to see and I am still waiting on my medical records!

I plan to pursue this with all my heart, soul, and mind. I want to join with others who have went through this living hell, as they must be stopped. Realself, thank you for being here and allowing us to be able to warn other women of what can happen to you if you choose this procedure. God Bless.

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